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Who is Dumber?


So, who is dumber? The guy who makes an unsubstantiated statement or the guy who thinks he's smart but does this-

(warning: It's a 14:38 demo of the most hardcore inteweb flexing of intelectual muscle ever.)


I'm sure we can all guess who gets laid less...


I got to second 27.


Ahh, I can't watch anymore!


Oh, you missed the good part.


I'm ADD.



So where do we go from here?




To the DIVIDE!!!


If by divide you refer to a giant divide in the ground leading to the very depths of hell, then by all means let us go there and throw these two douchebags in it. It would be amusing as hell.


I''l be down by dinner.

After that we can work on MULTIPLICATION.




So you guys doing some math??

Add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and multiply?


My guess would be that neither of them are getting laid.


he sounds like a pro wrestler doing one of them callouts.


That moron in the car or wherever he was was hilarious.