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Who is Charles Poliquin Training?


When I watch sports, I never see him anywhere.

I thought he had dozens of elite athletes "under his wings"....


Lol. Do you expect to see him standing there cheering on each and every athlete that trains at his facilities? What exactly are you insinuating?


I am just wondering, Steven.

In boxing for example, strength coaches attend press conferences and weigh-ins.
In olympic lifting, the coaches are present back stage.


He's somewhere in the background. Gotta look harder.


Not sure about him, but one of the coaches that studied under him worked with MLBer David Freese - World Series and NLCS MVP.

St├ęphane Cazeault - Poliquin certified coach level 5.


Charles prepares the strength & nutrition aspect while the athletes personal coach prepares the athlete technically in his or her sport. You rarely see the strength & conditioning coach getting much attention, it's usually the "skill" coach that gets the attention.


He is mostly involved with training coaches these days...he does many nutrition certs as well.

Plus his supplement line.....dude has earned the right to train the trainers these days.