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Who Is Bulking?

Just wanted to see who is taking this winter as their opportunity to put on the weight. I’m at my largest ever, 230lbs right now, but I’m still trucking all the way to February when I may or may not cut, depending on how I feel.

So let’s hear, who is getting hyooge?

I am! Im trying to get up to 220 by christmas, 10 more pounds to go! As a FFB, i know i have the potential to get huge fast so it shouldnt be hard. Im actually going to bulk untill the end of April, then im taking 2 months to cut for a trip im taking in June to Hawaii.

I am. Using my own crappy thrown together program I’ve gone from 149 to 162 in the past 4 weeks (1% gain in bf).

Now that I’ve discovered T-Nation, I started Waterbury’s TBT today. I’m going to continue to bulk until I finish it (12 weeks). Then go into maintenance and eventually try to cut a little fat.

Yo soy.

I’m up to ~175 right now at 5’8.


Bulking here! I finally found a groove with my eating and training and plan on bulking until I’m around 175-180 or until my fiance says I’m too fat to have sex with. Currently I’m about 158 at 5’8" with about 12%BF.

I’m just maintaining what I’ve got for the time being. I will be bulking for a month over break when I have access to my own kitchen and food. And over the summer most likely, despite it being beach season.

I’m back up to 185 at 5’5". This is the most I ever weighed and I only say “back uo to 185” because I got real sick last week and lost 8 lbs (mostly water).

I’m still bulking, but am now starting to add a little more cardio/ESW/GPP or whatever you want to call it because I was gaining too much fat with my muscle gains.

I got inspired to continue bulking when I wasn’t sure about my fat levels getting too high, and I posted pictures and got some good advice.

I’ve been bulking since May and I’m sitting around 216 up from 185. I plan to do a quick cut over the holidays by using the V-Diet. I know it seems wierd to cut through December but it’s a quick cut and this seems to be the best option for me. Then I’m back on the bulking cycle next semester until about May.

Once May comes around I’ll evaluate my progress and plan the next phase of training.

I’ve been bulking since august, I might never stop…gotten only 20lbs, but my weights have been moving up 10lbs every 1-2 weeks. I’m on a gravy train and I dont to derail it,lol

This kid right here…

In 7 weeks went from 149 to 163 lbs (5’9") on Dr. Berardi’s ME plan and CW’s ABBH I. Right now, I am midway through ABBH II.

My new goal is to attain 160 lb of LBM…


been bulking since last winter:)…sitting at about 232 and loving it, that’s about 12 pounds more than on my picture with actually less fat…at this rate should be near 250 presummer, than i’ll see if i have to cut or keep on going like i did this year…

up to 225 and counting…this is the largest I’ve ever been

Who’s Bulking? Just about everyone in the USA is getting bulkier and fatter and not just this winter. Obesity is a year-rounder in this country. …oh, you meant muscle.

I’m going to post some pictures soon. I am putting on more fat than I would like, but at the same time I’m getting stronger. I just ate 3/4 of a digiorno pizza…I feel fat. I’m just so used to being this little twig (205 at 6’4, I felt like a twig), I don’t wanna stop eating for fear of getting fat and screw up my gains.

This guy…

I am up to 212 on a 5’8" frame. Two Christmases ago, I was about 15 pounds lighter and looked terrible. It’s good to look at old pictures to see how far you’ve come.

Eat big breakfasts boys. It has helped me so much…my normal breakfast at colleg is an omelette, a plate of bacon, bowl of hot cereal, bowl of potatoes, two glasses of chocalate milk and one of OJ.

I have put on about ten pounds in three weeks. I want to get up to about 230 before I cut it down. Good luck fellow bulkers…I am going to hammer some Sun Chips.

I’am going to be bulking till the end of febuary. I hope to be up to 185 from 170 at 5’10.

I started Bulking Oct 1. I was 185lbs, I am currently sittin about 198. I want to get to about 215 by April and then its cuttin time for SUMMER!

Well have been and am still trucking along going on two years straight come this May so a year and a half at this point. Added about 30 lbs at roughly the same BF so far. I will tend to hold a bit more BF in the winter and pack on a bit more muscle slowly as well.

I figure better to do one lonf perpetual bulk as long as I keep BF at a reasonable level. I can live without a sixpack if it means I am still heading to my goals of size and strenght. Actually the abs are the best judge for me as well as clothes. When I start toi see more definition in my abs I know its time to eat more on a daily basis. LOL

Everyone have a great T-giving feast I know I will,


Started around 179 lbs., just shy of 5’7" on 10/1/05, now sitting at 198 (in the mornings, post-poo). Plan is to get to 205ish by the end of 2005. Bodyfat is up a percentage point or two, but who cares, it’s winter and I have big shirts. I hope to maintain for a while after that and slowly decrease the carbs/calories to get some fat off. I’m eating around 4500 - 5000 calories a day now, and I think my maintenance is around 3100 on non-workout days and 3600 or so on workout days(using calculator estimates and peronsal experience).

Bulking is great, but I do miss being lean sometimes. Cramming more and more down your throat is only “fun” for so long, then I’m usually ready to slim down, I’m sticking with it for now, at least through the winter.