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Who is 'Bigger'?


Say you have a man standing under six foot and weighing around 300 relatively lean (healthy bf). Yes, he is a bodybuilder and very advanced.
And then you have a seven foot tall man weighing the same and obviously not as filled out. Fairly lean, perhaps lifted just a bit to reach that weight.

Which one is bigger to you? Who do you think is more perceived as more 'dominant' and physically imposing? Why?


I've been around a few bodybuilders [no one famous I think] and they're pretty damn big. I also played ball with Shawn Kemp a few years back when he was out of shape and probably about 320lbs and he is the single biggest human being I've ever been around. Ronnie Coleman in the off-season weighs as much as a in his prime Shaq, and it's pretty obvious who's more physically imposing.

It's two completely different body structures. I stood next to Gilbert Arenas several years ago and he's pretty fucking big. I think they list him at 200-ish at 6'4", which sounds kind of lanky until you stand next to him. He's not muscular by any means, but he has ridiculously broad shoulders, huge hands and he's just a thickly built dude. These dudes handle weight completely differently.


I'd have to see the whole package before I make a decision.


the one who looks bigger!


The 6 foot guy.

Being really tall doesn't always make one look as bad ass as some may think. There's a point where you just look goofy.
I mean 6'5" can probably hold a lot of weight and still have that rugged look we associate with being bad ass. 6'6" and up but 230 to 240 can look lanky. Not Lanky.


^ I feel like I was mentioned in that post but I can't really tell.


I saw the Great Khali and the Big Show drinking at the bar in Vegas. Guess it was pro wrestlers night out at the Hard Rock. Both of those guys around 7ft and neither one looked lanky. Those are the 2 most imposing people I've ever seen in real life. I was gonna stop and say something but I was afraid they'd eat me.


The Black one


Put Lee Priest next to Frank Zane.

Now... who is more imposing?



Good one, Count!



The taller guy unless he is a bean pole. I've been relatively close to both Max Starks (6'8" 345) and Ronnie Coleman, and Max is more intimidating until you realize that it's Max Starks.

I think the fact that you aren't near eye level with a really tall person is what makes them intimidating (unless they're a bean pole).


Put them both in a tub and see who displaces more water. Duh.



Guys, choose your words wisely, you are giving Lanky a complex.

I have seen Shaq, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and a few other guys at the airport when I worked there, who are all big in their own way. I also saw a guy who had to have been close to 7ft tall at Chipolte yesterday.

I think anyone who towers over me is considered bigger to me. I am 6'2, and when I feel dwarfed, it really really makes me feel small (other guy probably has to be 6'6+ and not skinny). A shorter BB is big, but doesn't impart that odd "small" feeling on me like a ridiculously tall person does.


nice try, but no dice.




as a kid who was always smaller than everyone i knew, I suspect size is different. everyone already feels taller than me in my head. nonetheless, i know a 6'5, 190ish kid (he fluctuates) and i dont feel intimidated at all. on the other hand, i feel like i dwarf my peers in the untrained community, cause im a thick 165 (haha i know). mind you, any athlete in an explosive sport should generally seem larger than the average person, thus a muscular person beats a tall person.

a tall trained person, thats intimidating to a point. they suffer on points of leverage, overalll athletisicim (due to the length nerve impulses travel) while containing excess potential on things like overall strength


6'5 190 is skinny. Why would you feel intimidated? Stand next to a guy who's 6'5 300 lbs of muscle and then see how you feel.


someone's thinking


whaf the fuck are you on about?


Nerve impulses travelling a few centimetres further is serious business