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Who is a Hand Writer?


I am a hand writer.

I have been spending a considerably less amount of time on the computer since I started hand writing again. I also think I have increased brain function since writing letters more frequently by hand.

I love handwriting, I love pens, pencils, stationary, and writing by hand. Nothing feels better than putting base materials from the center of a mountain to 100% cotton stationary and writing a letter to a friend.

I have a pocket briefcase with 10 sheets of 3"x5" index cards in my pocket right now that at any time of the day I can write down stuff for an idea.

Does anyone else appreciate hand writing stuff? Moreover, what do you have for hand writing?

My stockroom:

Staples Writing Pad
Staples Index Cards
Staples Memo Pad
Rhodia Notepad
Blueline hardback
Apica A10
Quo Vadis Habana 9 x 10
Midori Traveler's Notebook Passport Size
Shirt Pocket Briefcase
Medium 3x5" Index Cards

Pens & Paper:
Lamy Fountain Pen
Kaweco Fountain Pen
Palomino Blackwing
Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.3mm (1st or 2nd favorite)
Uni-Ball Jetstream 0.5mm (2nd of 1st favorite)

Rubber stamp for business cards
Rubber stamp for return address (gift)
Wax Seal and Sealing Wax
Monarch Business Envelopes

Letter Stationary:
Pearl White Kid Finish Letter Sheets (stationary)


I know where you're coming from but I'm on the low end, in that I have several Parker Jotters and a $25 Parker fountain pen. I also have a stainless steel Gel pen by Pentel that takes the normal gel pen refills.
I even have a nice Staedler mechanical pencil with special leads that go in the end.

At work i have a jar on my desk with some Sharpies and I keep one of my Parker Jotters and a few Dixon Ticonderogas in it and sometimes a coworker will borrow one (no problem) but if they put some piece of shit Taiwanese ball-point in there I will have none of that and will expel it to the garbage can. Really. I put on a bit of a show, knowing full well it looks silly.

I've been using Google Chrome for over a year and sometimes when I write I think in the back of my head that if I make a mistake then a red squiggly line should appear under the word I've misspelled. Help!


I have a red Swingline stapler...

I revert to pen/paper when I'm in a lyrical mood. As for what kind of pen or paper I'm using, no idea.


I used to love hand writing and calligraphy. My dear grandmother was big into the whole etiquette thing, so she had me practicing my letters for HOURS when I would stay with her as a child. Unfortunately, I had to stop a knife with my hand when I was in prison (better the hand than the neck, yes?). Of course the medical treatment there is sub-par and when I got out, even after three surgeries, I still have limited functionality, tendon and nerve damage because of the four year gap between the injury and the treatment. I can't play piano very well anymore either... Fucking sucks.

I DO have some nice fountain pens (a few Parkers and a Mont Blanc) and stationary despite my current chicken-scratch!

I agree with you 100% that a simple, well composed, handwritten letter is a dying art and is a true pleasure to both give and receive. It's an old school skill kinda like shaving with a straight razor and is being lost with today's generation. I am in the habit of writing at least two or three handwritten notes every day and sending them to people I meet, old clients, business partners, etc... It makes a BIG impression on people and I would say it has had a significant impact on my business.

Sometimes I'll throw in a gift card or some tickets to an event that I know they'll appreciate or a clipping of an article that makes me think of them or their interest. It only takes about a half hour, but like I said, it's an investment that makes a huge impression - especially in the upper strata of society.

Cool thread, BC!


I still write out my short stories and poems by hand. I have a couple of notebooks and sketchbooks, but usually inspiration hits at inconvenient times and I end up scrawling my thoughts on whatever is at hand (napkins, those subscription cards inside magazines, receipts etc), then I place them inside the notebook later... like a scrapbook. It's a disorganized compilation, but it works for me.

Also, even though I'm completely digital in my illustrations, they always start out as pencil on paper, to be scanned then traced within my art app.


I like to do calligraphy, and I've always been told that I write like a girl.

but people can read my writing, as opposed to those of my colleagues.


I read somewhere on the net last week that some schools may stop teaching cursive writing. Some crap about in the modern age writing cursively isn't necessary.
I think that if you can't write cursively, well, you look quite stupid. It doesn't have to win penmanship contests (God I hope there aren't penmanship contests though!) but it's just something you should know how to do. It's not like learning Latin or something.




That's terrible!

Aside from the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic, all children should be taught how to write in cursive and how to read music.

My writing utensil of choice is actually the pencil. The Ticonderoga #2 is a classic. So smooth. But I prefer mechanical pencils. The one I use almost exclusively I've had since 2006! My pops was an engineer :slight_smile:


This will probably get me pegged as a bigger asshole than I already am, but if this kid's chicken scratch cursive can win an award, then I don't want to see what the kids with hands at his school are putting down on paper.

I guess it's pretty inspiring though despite his lame taste in football heroes.


I think I'm a bigger asshole than you are because I think that's just bullshit. He should be competing against OTHER kids with no hands, not rendering an entire competition that NORMAL kids participate in (and have better handwriting) irrelevant. This feel-good PC bullshit will never fucking end.

I've got an idea: Let's give EVERYONE a trophy just for being BORN! That way we can ALL feel good about ourselves!

This pathetic liberal approach in fact UNDERMINES self esteem, it doesn't build it! The cognitive dissonance between performance and reward WILL rear it's ugly head in one form or another... It's more about the ego gratification of the pathetic parents anyway... Sorry for the derail, but that shit gets on my fucking nerves to no end.



I got a trophy for being born. It's my dick.


Oh yeah? Well my DICK got a trophy when I was born...


Yeah, well check this out: My dick won the MVP award, the left testicle nabbed "Most Sportsmanlike" and the right testicle walked away with "Rookie of the Year" (it descended late but came on strong despite its relative newness to the game)

Clean sweep for the genitalia trifecta.


Wow. Your genitalia must have the highest self esteem of ANY genitalia. EVER.



OH YEAH???????????????? Well.............my dick is really big and has been inside of a lot of vaginas.


You could say my genitalia is never down...har har har, I'm such a comedian.


I like writing that way and prefer to do it, as I feel it conveys the person's personality and soul.

I've received a lot of praise over the aesthetic value of my hand writing.


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