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Who Invented P+C/P+F?


I read in one article that the P+C, P+F meal strategy was "popularized" by John Berardi, but I thought he came up with it? Anybody know who actually came up with this concept first? Just curious.





So let me rephrase then. Who was the first person on record to speak about that concept and it's benefits?


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I remember reading about the basic premises of P+C and P+F at least 15 years ago. It really STARTS with the carb depletion and loading methods which were certainly around in the 60's. The "anabolic" diet had you eating P+F 5 days a week, and P+C on weekends. I can't remember who first presented the anabolic diet but it was 10 years ago or so, and bodybuilders had used variations for much longer.

The main thing with Berardi, I think, is that you can have P+C and P+F meals in the same day, although I know I read at least 7-8 years ago about eating carbs+protein throughout the day, and then Protein+fat before bed, or any time you would be without food for 3+ hours. This plan also had you eating whey with carbs and casien and glutamine with the fat before bed.


thanks mertdawg!




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Chuck Norris actually came up with it. He put a curse of fatness on anyone consuming C+F.


and people wonder what's up with Steven Seagal...


The first I know of who made mention of this was Vince Gironda in one of his old articles. But I'm sure he read it from someone far before that so it's hard to say.


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