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Who Inspired You?


My early inspirations were martial artists: Bruce Lee, Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack), early Chuck Norris (Good Guys Wear Black, A Force of One).

Even though it was Royce Gracie whose path I followed, I’ll admit that seeing Ken Shamrock in the early UFCs was probably the thing that provided the spark that eventually led me to serious weight training.

I was all for being able to fight like the so-called “skinny kid from Brazil.” But I wasn’t sure I wanted to look like him.

Seeing Frank Mir on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine about 8-9 years later as I was moving toward my mid-thirties was a pretty big deal for me, also. It reminded me of what I liked in Shamrock: the combination of strength, power, and efficient, technical fighting skill.


I remember watching it on TV a year or two back again and only then realizing that the Russian was Kevin Nash. It strangely aged well as a movie. I think mostly because of how indendely campy it was.

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McRoberts is a good read and I would suggest it for allot a new individuals … But I have a few issues with some of his stuff which honestly is not worth getting into and would be a thread hijack.


I’m starting to really dig Jeff Cavaliere. His physique is probably closest to what I think os ideal for me.

Him and Stallone in Rambo First Blood part III and Rocky IV


Brawn is a must read.

It blew my mind when I read it in around 2001. It really stood out back then…

Nowadays I don’t agree with most of what McRobert said however the message was strong. Intensity, consistency and cutting out the bullshit


eh, as much as Arnold talks about psyching his opponents out, which was a nice part of a mostly scripted film (I’m sure a lot of people’s heads are exploding at that fact), Lou was never a real threat to the Olympia ever. If he wasn’t in PUmping Iron, or TV’s Incredible Hulk, he’d be another Tall Pro who never was able to fill out.

The only reason Lou was even in the film was because of issues between the IFBB and Serge Nubret who was supposed to be Arnold’s “real” competition in the film.



That would have been so cool. Delts vs pecs. Melanin vs… less melanin. France vs Austria.


My parents. I was always an active kid, always liked competing and pushing myself and what not. We didnt have the circumstances though to put me in school sports or whatever. So…they got me doing stuff like pushups, situps, and chins. Thats where it started and it has continued ever since. Throughout the years, i had other influences, but my parents are the biggest ones.


What inspired me were the guys in the gym on the ship(exNavy) I learned a valuable lesson. The better shape I got in, the more women I got. I was overweight in high school. Hardly any girls noticed me. My nickname was “Buffalo butt” Working out gave me more then a better body. It gave me confidence.


Superman (Christopher Reeve), Batrman (Michael Keaton), Spider-man (90s cartoons and comics) & Goran Ivanisevic (tennis player).



Is this dude even real

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Can’t be. No real person would wear a kilt over their pants.

I think that actually causes cancer or something.


What’s that from?


His new movie from what I gather. I think it’s called Hobbs and Shaw.


i would have to credit my dad since he was bodybuilding since i was a kid and through him i saw all the golden era bodybuilders in fitness magazines


George’s St Pierre
I remember the first time I saw him I
Realised what a super athlete was
And my grandma
She still had PT sessions once a week until she was 94. Even went to the same gym for a bit.


Are these people supposed to be bowing, or is this an ass-to-mouth human centipede?

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“That’s some barracks shit”
-Nick Palmmisciano Range 15