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Who in this Group Take a few Days Off?

I’m 38, but noticed every 3-4 months I need to take a week off. In my mind and physically, I still feel guilty. However, I’m in for “the long haul.” Little injuries start to accumulate and then I feel I’m forced to.

What are your thoughts? Do any of you take some days off and if so, why?

I’m prety much the same. If I several months of solid workouts in I take a week to really heal up. Besides after several months the arm is sore from patting myself on the back :wink:

I’m the same. If I don’t take a week off every 6-8 weeks (and just do some body weight stuff, or nothing at all) then the little creaks turn ugly and force me to take longer off with something worse.

I basically work out every other day, but I’ll take an extra day of rest if I need it or not go as heavy on a training day or just rep out to allow some recovery.

Seems to work okay.

Have taken a week off and came back stronger,but when I do I get real paranoid about the diet.

Currently I lift one day and run the next,if I have a heavy yard work day I skip the running. Basically I do something every day, when on vacation I go to body weight and running.

I think a person could easily take 3 days off per week-just watch diet.

There is that theory of de-conditioning, where taking 10-13 days off will allow your muscles to begin adapting and I guess growing again. Anyway, I take 7-10 days off every 3 months, but I take some albuterol during that time to maintain the muscle. Somewhere, I read that forskolin might do the same thing. I have to let my joints rest, or the pain interferes with lifting.

good for recovery every few months if u do a heavy or high intensity routine

I will admit to taking lot of time off.
I need it. It helps keep the time I spend in the Gym more intense.

There are some days where I will do something else “deload” like swim or just do a very small workout like a barbell complex
or a metabolic conditioning work out.
but there are other factors too.

Work, and travel, I work in film and television production after two 12+ hour days, Or a Day that in itself is very physical-Im not training that night.

And I travel for work quite a bit, so there are times where I am limited to hotel gyms,
or I get creative with running, calisthenics
body weight stuff.

If time allows and I feel recoved I will do 4 days a week of strength training and two days of other stuff.
If I am strapped for time I will do two and two.

I need a balance of rest and work.