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Who here wants to win?

Damn it’s cold out. Im wearing 2 sweaters on with a beanie atop my head. Jump ropes in my hands with a timer set on the ground. How dumb was i to decide to add a PM 7 set, 1 minute jumprope routine to my AM workout in order to help peel of my fat gut? The roofs in my house are too low, instead i go outside, jumprope, then jog for 2 minutes, then jumprope and so on, till my quota is done.

Its worked well thus far, but its friday night. 11:00 pm. What if i just walk inside the house, and kick up the intesity next week. Don’t want to catch a cold. Don’t wanna get hit by a car or an old man wearin flashy cloathing. It would be soo easy…I turn for the door… Look down at my stopwatch, and smash the start button. I want to win.

Sounds like a powerade commercial we have here in Canada :slight_smile:

I dig. My best workouts begin with some powerdrive and some Scissorfight on the stereo, hit peak when I’m bleeding, and are completed with me partially laughing and somewhat convulsing on the floor. Yet another reason I work out, say it with me now kids, at home.

MBE: “Live from Inten City. Since 1942.”


definitely know how you feel. Did 20 minutes of HIIT down at the track at 1930 in freezing weather on a snowed over track, because thats the only place and the only time i can. Hooah Glassman

I ran submaximal on a snowed over track a couple weeks ago around 9 PM, and the next day came back and shoveled the ice and snow off so I could sprint on it. Downpours don’t stop me either. I want to win.

Yo, MBE, you know your initials are the same as mailboxes etc.? I was working out in my uncle's basement this xmas and there was a mbe box there. It was like you were there, man!

Adam Marshall

I love doing my HIIT sprinting workouts at dusk or late night when it’s freezing cold. I love the feeling that most people are home in their home houses watching tv or sleeping…
greeKDawg:creeping while you’re sleeping.

Y’know, I noticed the same exact thing a couple of weeks ago when I was walking in the city. I was going to mention it in a post but I probably thought of something even more pointless. Well, it appears as if I’m going corporate now. But you do see the benefit in all this, correct? All the bubble wrap I can eat! Whooooooooo!(copywrite Ric Flair, 1987).

MBE: “The ect. after all the mailin’ boxes is done. Since 1320.”