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Who Here Uses EQ, and Why?


Ok, I can't sleep tonight...or rather, I woke up from my sleep in the fucking middle of the night and can't seem to close my eyes. So, I have a question that I want to ask you all--

Who uses EQ and why do you choose it specifically?? Also, what do you run it with usually, or do you run it alone (I've heard of that but have a hard time seeing it) ?

I was just thinking about this while trying to get back to sleep. In my head, I can't get it straight...also probably because I'm not really awake at the moment :). But thinking about it, what does EQ give you that says "Run me!"

Finally, what doses do you typically run it at to see the specific effects you are looking for?


I am not a fan of it - BUT consider running it periodically purely as a nice anabolic with minimal sides - like a cheap primo.

However i choose not to each time as it's anabolic effects are not noticeable when stacked with a decent Test dose, and it also definitely gives me anxiety. For me the increase in hunger is coupled with the increase in anxiety - they are somehow related..

Thats why i would and wouldn't run it..!


I've contemplated two different ways to run it.

One being in the oral form of 1,4-AD and running a boatload of that. This reason being is that pro-h supposedly is a precurser or something similar to boldenone. If taken in pill form and in this version you could potentially run a shorter cycle of it. so maybe 8-10 weeks worth instead of waiting that long for real Equi to kick in.

second reason is if I was blasting and crusing. It seems like a drug that can be used for lengthy amounts of time. So if one where on year round then EQ or Deca combined with a lower dose test can be run for longer cycles yielding good results I'd guess.

I imagine I'll try it eventually just to experience/learn from it and how my body likes it, but from my research/readings from others it doesn't appeal to me at the moment.


I was planning my next cycle to include EQ, but I really want to avoid doing a cycle that long. I believe I've seen bold prop or bold enanthate offered but it is pretty rare and I have read nothing about its use.

In theory eq sounds great. Cut down on the sides of running a higher dose of test by swapping out the milder EQ. No prolactin issues, less estrogen conversion, etc. It is usually a bit pricey though also considering I think I would like to run 500mg/week minimum.

Brook or anyone else, what doses of eq have you run? The anxiety thing is also strange... Leads to nervous eating?


I have two cycles with EQ in the loop. I stack EQ with a testosterone mix(usually Test400) and D-bol for winter bulking cycles. I have also ran EQ with Tren leading up to a competition. Here are recent examples:

Wk 1-10: 600mg/wk Test400
Wk 1-7: 300mg/wk EQ
Wk 1-4: 30mg/ED D-bol

Comp Prep (14week Prep):
Wk 1-12: 400mg/wk Test Prop
Wk 4-14: 450mg/wk EQ
Wk 8-14: 300mg/wk Tren
Wk 15-16: 200mg/wk Test Prop

I have never had anxiety while on EQ. The hunger sensation is real to me, which helps in the off-season bulk phase. Tren kills my appetite, to the stage of forgetting to eat during contest prep, so EQ seems to balance out the appetite. My source has EQ at a very respectable price, so I am always tempted to throw this compound in my cycles in order to reduce the test dosage. I don't know if EQ and lower test dosage is any better than a high test dosage alone as far as health is concerned. I also like it due to the relatively low weekly dose to obtain gains. I don't like the long half-life( 21 days if I remember correctly) though.

I can also run EQ alone during contest time without water retention and come in hard and dry. I might be more responsive to this compound than most, or atleast most on this board. Everyone has to do their own 'trial and error' to see which compounds work best for their chemical make-up.



When running 600mg of Eq a week, then hunger was purely mid-sleep. i would wake and need to eat. I also got anxiety 2-3 times a day which would taper off as the time neared the next injection.

When using 400mg/wk i didn't get a noticeable hunger increase but did still suffer anxiety. However, this may have been due to some other factor - so cannot be sure.

The relation is not nervous eating(!) - it is more that when i finished work at that time i would have an anxiety attack that was MORE like hypoglycaemia than panic, and as such i would eat immediately and it would slowly pass... I recognise the feeling of mild hypo simply as i have used insulin and learnt to recognise it.

With 400mg/wk - it was more panicy than hypo - which leads me to believe that it may not have been caused by the Eq at all - which due to my life at that time could have been the case.


Equipoise is great for increasing RBC, work capacity/endurance. It's a good mild anabolic to run solo too. Easy on the hair for most people, aromatise slightly. It's a cheap and safe drug to use. Other "anabolics" have major draw backs, deca dick, fake primo, test prop posing as masteron etc. If you stick with the vet grade boldonone (50mg/ml versions), chance of couterfeit is very low.

I think the issue is that most people expect certain amount of gains, no matter what drug they use. So they increase the dosage to get to that level of performace enhancement. The common standard seems to be 500mg or so of test per week for injectables, and 30mg of dbol per day (which is hefty IMO). So you will probably need to take 800mg of EQ per week to get comparable effect with 500mg of test. That's why people take 80mg of anavar or 100mg of Tbol per day, because they are not satisfied until the enhancement is comparable to "moderate" doses of dbol. Ever compound is different, eq is not meant to be used that much, same with anavar, tbol etc. The side effects start to creep up when you go pass 400mg per week.

IMO 100mg of test + 300 -400 mg of Eq is a very nice stack.I prefer it over a test only cycle. A relatively healthier stack.


wouldnt 800mg of eq be a huge dose? Or would that be safe when running it alone.


On that note - a new favourite of mine is 150-250mg Test and 200-300mg Mast. That's it.

I find that with no AI it is very comfortable in all aspects.


I am currently running a cycle of Test E and Eq.
W 1-8 test e: 250mg E3D. I frontloaded on day 1, 600mg
W 1-8 eq: 200mg E3D. frontload day 1, 600mg

I am on week 4 and I am loving the hardness and vascularity. I started really feeling it at week 3. my performance in the gym is up as well so I can't say anything bad about Eq. my bodyfat is at 10% and I have gained 8lbs so far. I decided to use Eq because I read it was a mild steroid. I live on the bch I just wanted something that would allow me to recover faster and give me steady gains. I am happy with it and will use it in later cycles


800 mg of eq is definitely quite high, it is not safe IMO to use that much. Due to the long ester, the blood level will probably peak after week 6, by week 10, the RBC and blood viscosity can be sky high. Not to mention anxiety issue (for some people).

that is a very nice stack indeed.



How long did u run that test/masteron mix?? I've heard masteron is very good to stack with test E. Would 10 wks sound about right?


Between 2-4 weeks.

edit Sorry - i'll explain.

I use it during cruising so that lasts 2-4 weeks for me. For cycling i would frontload it for 4-6 weeks but yes of course 10wks is fine too.

However my results during the cruise with this stack are such that i would most definitely recommend it as a low side, low inhibition, 'lean mass' (gip) cycle..

200mg/wk Test and 175mg/wk Mast


My friend was shocked when he noticed none of the things that EQ was touted for except the increase in appetite. When in doubt or wanting to add another compound, IMO, increase the test dosage or the orals.

Do this while running the "Trinity of Evil" and be prepared to have shit break loose. In my friends case, more was more. The sides were handled accordingly but the mass, strength, aggression knew no limits. If only a man could remain in such a state of anabolic and androgenic glory all the way to 310lbs.


I have started to use differently of late. I used to increase and increase test/oral doses - alongside the rest! But of late when i decided to REDUCE the test dose, and increase or even maintain the anabolic dose i have found that the results took a leap. Not sheer size, which is still at the same rate (with a drop in fat and water) but quality.