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Who Here Uses a Fat Bar?

Been looking @ buying some fat barbells and fat dumbell handles.

There’s some good $'s on ebay.

Curious who hear has experiance with using a fat barbell and or fat dumbell. What was your experiance and gains?

Anyone use a wrist roller with plate attached by a cable?


Fat bars are great. They take a bit of getting used to, but they’re easier on the wrists, and stimulate the forearms considerably.

I wish I had a fat bar at my gym :frowning:

Wrap a towel around the bar.

Effective, cheap and adjustable thickness.

Doesn’t the towel slip?
I want a fat bar, I might buy one soon

Right now I’m using towels.
Yes they are cheap and get the job done.

But there’s something to be said about the knurling on a fat bar.

Currently I’m wrapping a towel around the handle when I do:
4arm DB flexion / extensions
standing DB shrugs
wide grip behind neck lat pulldown

There was a store on ebay that sells 2"-3" far barbells for between $99-$160!