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Who Here Powerlifts?

We don’t need to get into raw, single & unlimited ply. I figured this might be a good way to let people know who here does the same sort of lifting and make it discussions a little easier. Also, if you train as powerlifter, but haven’t yet competed (and I mean seriously train), list yourself as well.

I just want to know how many of us there are here.

90kg Jr. lifter in the IPF (CPU), lift in gear but 90% of my training is done raw or belt and wraps. Have been powerlifting seriously for about three years now, doing Sheiko for two and a half of those.

lifted at 153 and 165 last year. GOing to compete at 181 this year, and 198 next year.

single ply squat and deadlift+raw bench as per WHSPA (wisconsin highschool powerlifting association). Kind of mix matched, but it’s that way so the best lifter wins, more then whoever’s parents make the most money wins. Right now I do a tradition sq/bench/DL split. Been lifting this way for about a year.

all numbers are raw:
295 squat
215 bench press
385 deadlift

I’m going to blow past those pretty soon though.

I have competed at 198, but plan on lifting in the 220’s from now on since I don’t feel like losing down from 215. Currently train raw, but have ordered a suit and waiting for money for a shirt. Next meet Nov. 1st.

What kind of programs are you guys doing?

I know some powerlifters actually use a bodybuilding split-and its actually pretty common with strongman-

I’m not quite a powerlifter-I don’t use gear yet not even belt or wraps, no bands, no chains, no board presses ext- yet I do train similarly. Like low sets, high weight mostly just squats, deads, bench ext.

Anyways list what type of program you guys are doing and what you think of it.

I train as one and plan to compete as one in a few years. I’ll try my hand at strongman as well.

(I know I’m weak as fuck right now but I’m consistently getting stronger.)

220 lifter who saw the light and is in the process of becoming a full 242. Junior IPF lifter in Australia.

There are more than a few of us here

I compete unequipped in the 275 class. Still trying to fill out those last 10lbs. I’ve been competing for just over a year and a half now.

502 Squat
365 Bench
605 Deadlift

I was using a pretty straight forward Westside approach for the past 12 months, but have changed it up recently with what appears to be good success. My current rotation is ME Squat, ME Bench, ME/DE DL, RE Shoulders. But still focusing on targeting the weak links.

I’ve been a competitive powerlifter for just over 4 years. Lifted in the APF and APA 198’s, 220’s and 242’s (currently back at 220). Working my way up to eventually hit the 275’s. Best competition lifts are 584-400-523.

I usually train with a Westside-style approach, but for my upcoming meet in November I am trying a linear program to see what happens.

I’ve also done 1 strongman competition.

Looks like I beat all the other girls to this thread…

I’m a jr in the 132 class. I compete in the IPA, though much of my gear is single ply poly.

I got interested in powerlifting about a year ago and started to train at a PL gym 8 months ago. I’ve done 2 meets.

I pretty much go in and do what I’m told. The program looks very similar to westside.

17 yrs old lifting for 2 yrs, one yr seriously
just did a meet (very fun) i compete in the 242-280 weight class XD (im a heavy ass bastard)
current maxes are
BP 265
SQ 315
DL 405

starting a coan deadlift cycle, and high rep phase for all else so i can gain some mass, should be fun

Never competed, been lifting about a decade, doing PL training for about 3 years. I�??ve done Westside and some Coan training, neither of which did much for me. Kind of developed my own style now. Currently I live out in the boondocks, so there isn’t much opportunity around here. It’s so bad here I have to workout at home because the only halfway decent gym here banned me from doing deads.

However, I’m going to be relocating to Nashville soon and I hope to find some knowledgeable people to train with because I do want to compete in the future.

Let me know if anyone knows the powerlifting scene in Nashville.

Competed in the IPF in demark, I am workoing on my comeback after a back injury. Apparently having a one inch difference in leg length and a bad anterior pevic tilt can screw you up?

My training is a mix of a few things, but Bill Starr is a heavy influence.
After many years of training I finally just sat down, considered what had worked for me in the past and plugged it all together in a simple program only tweaking minor things from cycle to cycle.

I have done Sheiko, Bill Starr, WSB and other random stuff.

I started powerlifting back in '87 at Westside at the age of 20. Louie took me from a 455 squat, 365 bench and 505 dead to an 804, 556 and 804 in under a year and a half. We didn’t do the max effort stuff yet. We trained 4 days a week by percentages ranging from 58 to 90. All sinle ply poly gear by the way.

ive only done 1 unsanctioned meet but plan on doing 2-3 meets this year when ive recovered to my normal lift numbers after injuring myself.

best lifts for me being a junior 181

Sq- 410 raw- 455 belt/wraps
D/L=525 w/ a belt.

on another note does anyone have any links to articles that can explain how to cut water/weight for weigh-in for competition.

I compete in the 165lb weight class. So far, APA and APF meets. Would eventually like to switch to USAPL. All single ply gear.

I train a 4 day split. Two upper / two lower days.

Well, I’ve never competed. but recent strength gains from Sheiko make me think that maybe I am powerlifting.

All my lifts are raw. I use an elbow brace on my right arm due to some CNS/stabilization issues from a back injury.

Age 37
Weight 195
Height 5’6.5"
BF 17%

Bench PR 275 <- first try at a PR, Felt like I could do more.

D/L PR 500

Leg Press PR 750
(I can’t squat anymore due to back injury)

Curl PR 125

I don’t know if that qualifies me as powerlifting, but this thread caught my eye and I thought I’d say hello etc.

R/L from pins PR 600

Buckeye Girl. Do you train at Lexen? Danny Dague was one of my training partners back in the day at Westside. Other training partners included- Chuck Vogelpohl, Matt Dimel, Tom Waddle, Kenny Patterson and Mark Marinelli.

I lift in the APF. However, I open to lifting in simiar feds- UPA, SPF, APA. I weigh between 260 and 280 and I lift in the 242s, 275s, and 308s. It’s been a a couple years since I made the 42s though- I am a long way from blowing Jim Grandick or Brian Carrol out of the water so I have little incentive to cut to the 42s anymore.

Lately my training looks kind of like this:

  1. ME Shirted Bench;
  2. ME Squat/DL (squat or DL on alternate weeks);
  3. Raw Bench and Upper Back; (kind of bodybuilding/hypertrophy workout)
  4. DE Box Squats and Leg, Upper Back