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Who Here Never Does Curls?


S, how many of us are there? Also, why dont you curl? I never do curls, because I dont think that they will help at all my total.What is your opinion on the matter?


Do them at least once a week to keep elbow, forearm, wrist, shoulder, and biceps problems at bay.

Not curling sounds like a good way to tear up your bicep while deadlifting. Or asking for elbow troubles while benching.

I'm more interested in getting a good pump, then moving heavy weight on my biceps work. Just enough to keep stuff healthy. This way, I can curl without it eating into my recovery.

I include biceps work as an accessory I do at the end of a workout or at home. I treat it like rotator and rear delt exercises. They don't have direct carry over to your lift, but they keep your joints healthy and those aren't healthy it makes it that much harder to get stronger.


Pinwheels, every second week or so


Not curling is not smart. Biceps provide shoulder stability in the bench and squat, and keep them healthy for deadlifting.


Every guy I know who has torn a bicep has stated, "I wish I had been paying more attention to bicep work."

Hammers and reverse curls are important, IMO for a PL. You just need to take a more volume based approached at moderate intensity.


One weak link in the chain and the whole thing fucking fails


Few sets of D-Bell hammers on the tail end of bench workouts


Another thought: to keep biceps strong, and not have them pancake flat, is a very minor time investment. First upper day 3 sets of hammer curls, 3 sets of cable curls. Ten minutes tops. At end of ME day, 3-5 sets of barbell or dumbbell curls, again five to ten minutes tops.


I don't really do curls.
I do lots of chins and rows though.


Oh, absolutely.

I like to superset (have to change into my bike shorts, extra medium ribbed tank top and sunglasses first, though) and can crank out 5 sets (10 total) in 5 minutes easy.

The only problem is that I have to drive home stiff armed because of the PUMP, which can be awkward if I have to swerve to avoid texting teenagers and cell phone gabbing soccer moms.


You are such a liar. I've seen a picture of you curling in the rack Mr. Pants on fire.


I don't do a lot of curls, and my biceps are relatively weak, but I do them for the same reasons the other posters gave - an ounce of prevention.


Reverse curls are the only exercises I do. And that's once a week only.

I do chin/pull ups and my biceps get a pretty good pump from them.


what do you mean 'change' into bike shorts? brah, that's all you ever wear isn't it?


The only reason I have ever thought of to justify neglecting direct bicep work would be if it detracted from my total. I've never seen anyone try to make that argument.


i never did biceps my first few years because of how much they got dissed and dismissed. now i have large triceps and these small baby biceps :frowning:


Great arguments for biceps work.

Can the same be made for triceps?


I used to neglect biceps too, I just hate training them. I train them now, I do 3 sets on my deadlift day at the end of my workout and 3 sets a the end of my max effort bench workout. The shirt fits tighter now, and lets be honest, who doesn't want big arms?


Shhhhh...c'mon man. I'm trying to remain anonymous around here and now I'll get spotted for sure.

I meant I change into my striped bike shorts. They accentuate my teardrop and make the calves look jacked.


I don't really like curls but i try to do some for my arms. I recently started to do power reverse curls - using hip action. That actually is pretty fun.