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Who Here Listens to Podcasts?


What are people’s favorite podcasts?

I’ve never really listened to any podcasts, but I thought I’d give it a shot.

I’ve heard Joe Rogan’s is good and I’m going to try the Art of Manliness one.

Good Articles Everyone Should Read + Podcasts

Bill Burr when I get the chance to listen, which is rarely. But that dude is something else.



You have a podcast don’t you? What’s it called again?


On a related note, does anyone recommend any good books on tape? I’m finishing up No Easy Day, which is the first book on tape I’ve ever listened to and it was really good.


I like a lot of the Comedians, Joey Diaz and Bill Burr are huge for me. Stuff You Should Know is interesting. For history Hard Core History and Revolutions are awesome. If you go back through Revolutions from the beginning with the English Revolution you’ll be busy for a while.


I typically average at least 2 hours behind the wheel a day, and am always listening to something. My go-tos are:
Tim Ferris
James Altucher
99% invisible
Seminars about long term thinking - usually if I’m bored.

Straight to hell - I enjoyed this too much. Narration was great.
Never eat alone
Hard things about hard things
Virgin Way

Off the top of my head, these are recent listens where the narration and book content was worth the time


Nice, thanks for the suggestions.


I’m currently subscribed to:

Art of Manliness
Last Podcast on the Left
Ben Shapiro
This American Life
Stuff You Should Know


I like Dan Carlin - he has Hardcore History and Common Sense - great information, i dig him alot.

I do listen to Rogans, but some of the stuff he comments on are kinda out there - but I’m still a fan.


Love Ben Shapiro, dude it a beast.


Brick’s (with Stu and Arash) is Mas Macros.

I’ve been getting into Jocko Willink’s info after seeing him with Rogan and Ferris.

I’m also a sucker for some Stone Cold, Jim Ross, and Chael Sonnen.


I went through several months last year where I had a lengthy commute and just loaded up my iPhone with anything that sounded like it had a good topic. Very few really engaged me to subscribe though, but I did save a few (I’ll see If i can dig them up).

Everyone seems to love Joe Rogen’s show. I haven’t had a chance to listen but I remember his stand up back in the day.



I’ve been meaning to look into this, after hearing his Ferris interview.

@usmccds423 Ferris has some less than interesting guests and others that are really worth listening to again. Some you might like: Ryan Holiiday, Arnold, Pavel, Stanley McChrystal, Dom D’Agnostino and Poliquin.

EDITED: Cause I can’t multi-task sometimes.


Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming!


Try joe rogan experience #277 victor Conte the Balco scandal guy, i lot info on peds , testing methods .
Thr fighter and the kid, mark bells powercast, rogan experience my favorite.


The last podcast on the left is pretty entertaining. Some creepy themes, kinda funny, dark humor type stuff.


So its like the last house on the left, is it on you tube.


I’m not sure. Just at a glance, they do have a youtube channel.



Freakanomics and EconTalk are in my constant rotation

I like Planet Money sometimes and You Are Not So Smart can be interesting

I really like The Libertarian with Richard Epstein

I listen to Barstool from time to time and Bill Burr, Adam Corolla, Nerdist here and there

I have a 40 min commute one way


Gilbert Godfried’s podcast.

A lot of short story podcasts.