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Who Here Is A Web Developer?


Not sure where to put this, hope this is the correct section.

I work in Ruby on Rails primarily, so I'd be interested to see how many Developers there are here.

I think it would be interesting as well, if there are a lot of us to create a something together for the T-Nation community. I've read a lot of threads here, it would be very cool to build something that can allow members to vote on the effectiveness of a certain exercise in certain rep ranges.

Anyway hope theres a few developers here



I hate spiders dude. Just gross.


Nice web!


LOL, Inky!

I can see where this thread's going.


Sorry OP, Dwarf started it.

More webbing from the spider I previously posted, I think. Nasty looking bastard almost ate my face off


I'm a designer, but I do a little development too.




Great, can someone help me out.

My web is frozen.