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Who here is a patriot and why?

This is a little off topic, but that’s OK, you don’t have to reply if you don’t like this post. But I happen to think that patriotism is one of the best qualities that an American can have. Just wanted to hear from you fellow patriots and why you consider yourself one. Also, any thoughts on 9/11 or the War in Iraq are equally welcome. Enjoy the post, and remember what you type here.

my guess is this thread will hit at least 130 responses.

gentlemen, place your bets


It’s not about being a patriot.

It’s about never forgetting the men and women who came before us and paid for the freedoms we have with their lives.

Never forget that we are free because of the sacrifices of others.

We owe it to each other, and the generations to come, to always uphold the ideals and principles that this country was founded upon.

We cannot be the ones to fail.

Semper Fidelis

You are right… Patriotism IS the best quality in a person. If you don’t possess that quality, what are you? No damn good if you ask me. Even if I wasn’t directly affected by 9/11, it just shows what we are up against and that it is that WE, the citizens, the patriots, who will defend this great country. Just watch what happens to anyone who appears to be a threat on board any plane I am on! I guarantee he WILL NOT be alive when we touch down! Operation Iraqi Freedom was/is the right thing to do. Those that disagree can sign up in the French military (is that an oxymoron?) and take Sean Penn with you!

We are cannon fodder for big business.

i am extremely patriotic. honestly i cant tell you exactly why. all i know is i get fired up when i hear about people burning the flag or otherwise disrespecting my country. i would definitely go to war for my country if it was asked of me.

I am a patriot, and
I would never burn the flag, but I would be angered if I could not.

I am a patriot, and I restrict my own speech, but would never tolerate the government restricting it for me.

I am a patriot, and I would never sacrifice what makes this country great for short-term security.

I am a patriot, and I respect and salute those who have gone to Iraq and who have served to protect all of us and our way of life.

A truly patriotic person is someone who loved this country (and still does) long before the tragic events on September 11. They flew their flag outside their home or business before it became fashionable. They were proud of their sons, daughters and neighbors for serving this country long before the war on terror was declared.

These are some of things that makes someone a patriot!

The return of US=GG.

With someone bringing up the inevitable 9/11 I have to add this: Nothing pisses me off more than the psuedo-patriots out there. The guys that tied a flag onto their car or wore a ribbon and consider themselves patriots. These are the same people who didn’t do their civic DUTY and vote in the last election, still don’t know the words to the national anthem and whose flag is ripped and torn but have not made an effort to mend it.
Before September 11th you could go to baseball games where they were phasing out the national anthem before the opening pitch, but now it’s impossible to go anywhere without someone singing God Bless America. We are in a country now where everyone claims to be a patriot because they slapped a fucking “pray for America” sticker on their car, but I want to know where all these people were before 9/11.
I was all for kicking Saddam’s ass, but not because of some bullshit threat of WMDs, but because as the stronger country it is our DUTY to protect those weaker than us. I wouldn’t be able to sit on my ass and watch TV while I hear the neighbor slapping his wife around and beating his kids, and all this is is the international version of that.
This leaves me on my last piece. Driving back from Portland the other day I pass a white suburban with “HELP CALL 911” blatently written in the dirt on the back windshield. I passed countless people talking on their cell phones figuring that it isn’t their problem and when I stopped at the nearest gas station and called it in the lady said that NO ONE had reported it. Pathetic.
We’re screwed. Chesty Puller once said, "“Our Country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA - because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!” Gentlemen, we are just like Atlas, with the world on a select few of our shoulders. I hope you’re up for the challenge, because the bulk of America is weighing us all down.


“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” - Thomas Jefferson.
Exactly as posted before, one truly posesses patriotism if he or she displayed it before the unthinkable tragedy of 9/11. However, it’s not to late to wake up and realize that the U.S. is and always will remain the greatest country this world ever has and will see. One must remember the sacrifices made to make this so. Just think of how many brothers, sisters, friends, mothers and fathers have cried because they know that their loved one will never be coming home.
“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf” - Thomas Jefferson. If your a patriot, I salute you and encourage you to continue to uphold the ideals for which so many had suffered. I like the posts everybody…keep it up. Let everyone know your a proud patriot and why.

I am definitely a patriot. Why? Because this is the best nation on the planet.  There is a problem though.  I can not stand the ultra-patriotism that has struck us since 9/11.  I feel it is detrimental to true patriotism.  Waving a flag and singing "God Bless America" is good, but not if it is done simply because one's neighbor is doing so.  Patriotism has become a fad, which is good for war.

On the other side, if anyone wants to tear down America or burn a flag, get out of our country.

technically I am an ex-pat of my old country, south africa…where do I fit in??

The actual quote is “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night,to visit violence on those who would do us harm”,and George Orwell is the author.

Wooo . . . Hold on to your hats. This thread’s gonna’ be a long one!

I am a patriot because I personally know 7 people who have died defending our country since 9/11. And to mikeyali: good call on the fake patriots, oh yeah i forget what about the singers who have turned a profit on others misfounture…like toby keith aka bitch

Timothy McVeigh considered himself a patriot.

Tony Gorman,
Actually, this quote is correct, and it is found on one of the many Special Forces posters that frequent many military bases and institutions.

You are indeed correct about Timothy McVeigh considering himself a patriot, however, what you do to others (in his case about 160 people) has a direct effect on your patriotism. Osama Bin Laden considers himself a patriot as well, but not one that everyone agrees with. There are patriots of varying degrees, and Timothy McVeigh was a shitty example. Anyway, as stated in the post, the question I posted was: Who here is a patriot, and why do you consider yourself one? Not: Who here thinks patriotism is a shitty quality to have and how many assholes can you come up with that consider themselves patriots. Good discussion though. Keep up the posts guys!!

MIKEYALI- I used the neighbor metaphor the other day when trying to explain why we should be there, and I agree with everything else you said.

Will42- How can you call Toby a bitch, His job is to sing and that is his way of showing patriotism. He has done many USO shows and believe me the soldiers, sailors, and Marines appreciate any entertainer who gives there time to get our minds off of the Jobs we do.