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Who Here Has Tried Arimidex?


Who here has tried Arimidex? Just checking, considering trying the same too:D


Pretty much every person who wants to run a successful cycle :slight_smile:


I'm on .25mg eod.. Working great so far.


Love it, I have got to a point I can adjust my dosage up or down EOD and get my E right on the mark.


Never heard of it.


If this has to do with your thread about using Letro to prevent growth plate closure, you should at least mention that.

No one here has used an AI for the reasons you want to. Do not use drugs to try to grow more at the age of 20. You are wasting your time.


I agree completely with BONEZ. If you are looking to use this for gain more height after 20yrs, don't bother.

If you are interested in this for controlling e (or as an ancillary for a FUTURE cycle), check out the sticky in the Over 35 Lifter forum. There is some really good stuff in there. They tend to focus more on the armidex versus the Letro, that is discussed here more frequently.



I think everyone and their mom has run it.


Hehe I understand what you're saying, BUT on some people the growth plates doesn't close until later in the 20s.


Why bother asking advice if you're not going to listen to anybody? It sounds like you're hellbent on doing whatever you want anyways.

Run the GH and Arimidex and tell us how it goes. You'll either grow a couple inches or blow a ton of cash. My guess is on the latter.


How am I not listening? Sorry if I've hurt anyone or something didn't mean to do that:)


So you're gonna run a cycle of GH and adex to try grow taller??


Know it might sound stupid, but why not? The only side effect from it is loosing money right?


By you saying this you have showed that you have not understood a thing that Westclock said to you in your thread about letrozole.

If you want to try this out, fine, it's your choice, but stop making ignorant posts please.


What's Arimidex? What is it used for? And how are you gonna use it again?