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Who Here Has Tried 4-AD?

I’ve got a chance to pick up a few bottles from a friend who used to work at a vitamin store and has been hoarding them since the ban. Take it or leave it?? Just curious to what peoples gains were who took it. Not sure on the shelf life, but he said they’re still ok

woooops I was thinking of the wrong thing, nevermind.

It is not absorbed well and not much at all for some. Small effective amounts will simply reduce LH until you replace your own production and go beyond that. Just as illegal as gear and does not work well. If it does work, one still has to get serious about sourcing PCT supplies. Some would argue that it was good that this and other similar stuff was banned as it was too easy for kids who did not know anything and were otherwise miles away from injecting.

Large amounts are needed which might stress the liver, something that injected testosterone does not do. These orals are what created the health risk stories that will not go away now and get applies to gear that does not have those risks.

Those getting their hands on easy oral steroids were also ignorant of AI and could end up as bitch tit poster boys.

good post KSman. Yeah Im leaning towards not doing them because I know it’s gonna be hard on the liver…just don’t have the resource for the “real” stuff. :frowning: