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Who Here Has Elevated Hematocrit?

How many of us here on this Forum have an issue with elevated hematocrit. I think we need a t Nation statistic. Because i think that maybe 20% have this issue. But new Users might be thinking hematocrit is a general issue on trt.
So i will start. If you have this issue. Please explain how you fixed it or did it stabilize after a while by itself.

My hematocrit allways stays in the range of 48-49%.
I am on trt and cycles for 12 months now.
So Not really. NO



Yes but I just donate blood regularly. Problem solved

I’ve been on TRT for about 8 years now (currently at about 150mg/week) , and need to donate blood about 3-4 times a year to keep my levels under control.

Mine is always elevated but below the high mark… It was over the high range number when I first started TRT, but it leveled out. I do donate blood at least 4-6 times a year also. I take 100mg wk.

My issue is somewhat different. I will get high red blood cell count but my hemocrit will stay in range. My ferritin level will also be on the low side, borderline anemia. My dr’s have done many test colonoscopy,endoscopy and whatever they can think of and no answers. I still donate about twice a year to keep rbc down.

Do you Guys know your through Levels or Peak levels?
Would be interesting as well. Since i think that as long as you stay in the range of 800-1000 Peak there should be No issues related to rbc and hematocrit.

My through level is 660. So my Peak must be somewhere 1000-1100/1200. Hematocrit stays at the upper range. But still in range. Only once donated blood after 1 year Just because i thought why Not try once and felt Shit after. So as Long my hematocrit never Hits the 52-53 mark i wont. Otherweise i am Happy with my Peak. Dont need heavy peaks. Btw 200 mg brings me to 660 through.

If you split your dose and take twice a week you won’t have a peak and valley much. Mine always tests about 800 TT, and I take sometimes 80mg sometimes 100mg week. My FT is always at the near top of the range so I don’t need more. I have a really good T>E2 conversion, so I don’t take any AI.

I was thinking driving twice a week subq. But since i my hematocrit and rnc etc. Are Not elevated i stay with my protocol

My free Test is 18,1ng/l. Middle. 200 mg test should be better but i am ok with it. Oh tested on day 7 before next injection