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Who Here Has Been Arrested?


How many criminals do we have here? No need to go into details about anything...just curious. And, no I'm not a cop.


I've been arrested in my country AND your country. Both for bar fights. In my younger days, I thought I was tough. In my older days, I know that I am not.


buncha different times but nothing ever stuck.


Here or there ... well, here and there, nothing felonious, but holding cells suck


once, pretty serious charge, should be in jail for around 15 years, luckily money moves mountains where I live.


I was arrested, but acquitted in the civilain courts. Got a suspended bust in the Corps.


Got a DUI. That was no fun.

Warrant for failure to appear for said DUI. That sucked. They sent some asshole to my apartment to get me. Spent two weeks in Santa Ana County Jail for that shit.

Drunk in public. Spent a night in the holding tank.

These were all many years ago though. In a way I am glad that I went through all that. It taught me a very good lesson.


I woulda rather learned it through a friend's experience than rather have been "that" friend who everyone learned from ... but c'est la vie


Holds hand up.


Spent 24 hrs in the middle of summer in a piss stinking cell, because a cops feelings were hurt and needed to feel like a man.




Me too. Except it was 22 hours, and I was drunk.


Twice, although neither "offense" was anything that constitutes a truly ciminal act. I have two shit stains of my record despite having never injured anyone.


I can't suggest doing more than double the posted speed limit anywhere in or around Washington D.C.


Fixed...Holds hands up.


I've been aprehended for practicing parkour in a public place.


I mooned a traffic cop a few years ago and spent the night in county.


I got arrested for DUI a couple years ago. Funny thing was, I had just gone to the store to get some beer and hadn't had a chance to drink it yet.

Word to the wise--the cops don't like it when you call them "dude".


Heh! Good fix.

Then cuffed firmly behind me (none too gently) then suffering various injuries as I stumbled into things on my way to the van. You know the sort of stuff, boots, fists, knees, batons...

Can we/should we add... Who's been arrested and spent more than 24hours in custody? Or is that going too far?


ND you are a dark horse. That bar wasn't Billy Bob's was it?