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Who Here Eats Paleo?


I have been reading that article just posted over and over. I mean it is good eating lots of veggies and meat..but if you are training twice a day i dont see how someone could do that i have tried it and i was starving! What do you guys think?



Use the search function.


Methinks Paleo diets are stupid.


All i am asking is if you guys think no carbs can help build a good physique and give me enough energy to train twice daily.


Well, that's not what you were asking. You asked, who has tried Paleo. Paleo =/= no carb. In fact, paleo =/= low carb even. Paleo is a diet and you can adjust your macros to whatever you want. You may have to think a little harder, because you have to be careful which carb sources are "allowed," but you can sure as hell eat a high carb Paleo diet.


He'd be eating a crap load of fruit.


I dunno about that. Drop in some figs, dates & apricots and you can get tons of carbs without eating a "crap load" can't you?


read the second page of nate miyaki's article. He talks about carbs.


Why? Since when are the only sources of carbs fruit and grains?


I'll echo what others have said: Paleo is not low carb. There are paleo guys who advocate 50%+ calories from paleo carbs.

We also don't know what a "good physique" is, or where that would be relative to where you are.

No carb (ketogenic)when done right is a pretty tried and true method for losing body fat (relatively) quickly, while maintaining muscle and strength. On the other hand, it's going to be very difficult to impossible to make significant size and strength gains on that type of diet.


what types of carbs am i allowed on this diet...fruits veggies...and i have been reading sweet potatoes maybe?




I've been eating a diet very similar to Paleo for a year now. I added oatmeal and wild rice to get more carbs. I also changed my eating habits. My biggest meal is breakfast, my lightest meal is dinner.

Basically, I've eliminated sugar, I eliminated processed food, and I've focused on whole single ingredient foods.

The diet works for me. I've gotten stronger while cutting fat.


Do a search, do some of your own research. This has been discussed in detail, both on this site as well as many others.

Stop expecting everyone to do the work for you.


then you aren't on a paleo diet


Why don;t you get rid of the sugar and junk and eat what ever you want?




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no shit. he said similar to paleo.

Paleo is fucking stupid. If you are lifting weights, you should be eating potatoes and rice up the ass.


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