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Who Here Competes?

I want to know Fed’s and some numbers.

I am fine with newbies posting numbers but you better be training like a lifter.

I am seeing a lot of posts that lead me to believe that some people are just guys/girls who lift a bit of weight. This is a Powerlifting Forum! Get busy. I like people who actually compete. I am not happy to see posts of how many chin ups you can fucking do!

I am more than happy to help a new lifter but this thread has become a bit of a joke.


Had my first meet in November with only a couple months training under the belt. it was APA-WPA.

At a bodyweight of 293, squated 240, benched 180 (actually put up 215, but got dqed on second and third attempts for racking to early…still believe I heard ‘RACK’) and deadlifted 300. Very weak, I know lol

However, started seeing a coach about a week and a half before then. Now, my bench training max is 225, squat is 300, and deadlifted 308 (tested after several squat singles that ended with my new 300 max).

Have a chance to do a local USPLA meet in February…however, concerned I wont be able to make either of my two goals I wanted to make before then; total over 1000 and compete two weight classes lower (aka, not be a fatty lol).

WABDL pulled 756

and an unsanctioned bench meet only hit 425

I am fairly new to powerlifting and have not competed yet, although i have competed in a strongman competition. I am not a member of any federation yet although I am lucky enough to have a coach.

Currently I am not on a powerlifting routine as i am trying to cut useless weight and get down to the 198 class. I am following Lyle Mcdonald’s Ultimate Diet 2.0 if anyone is familiar.

Provided I can maintain my strength (what little I have) I will finally have a Wilks value over 300 (306)

Current Numbers (No belt or gear of any sort)
Bench 215 (embarrassing)
Squat 365
Deadlift 485
Total 1055
BW 205

I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be strength wise. Baby steps.

Competed in my first meet in October here at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan. Ended up squatting 475, benching 365, and pulled 545. I went 4 of 9 that day, but hit my openers. I competed at 220lbs. I will be trying to find another meet this summer, until then I will just hit my 5/3/1.

One comp under my belt, going 142,5 (315) / 117,5 (258) / 190 (418) @ 82,5 (181), raw in the IPF. Will be moving up to 94 (205) now that they’ve changed the classes.

I havnt but i’d love to. Im too weak and small :frowning:

I have competed in several federations but mainly the Southern Powerlifting Federation.

I always compete raw.

My latest competition numbers are a 601 pound squat, a 360 pound bench, and a 600 pound deadlift at a bodyweight of 250.

My next goal is to total elite (1654).

I’ve done 3 meets so far. None very recently though.

2 Full Meets and one Bench only (well 2, but one was a last minute entry with a dislocated shoulder just for kicks)

Totaled 886kg @ 125kg in the AWPC (341/272.5/272.5 kg) 3 months after my 20th birthday


Raw: 181 weight class
Squat 375
Bench 256
Deadlift 446

those lifts are from my 2nd competition and I’m training for my 3rd competition which will take place in March.

242, USAPL and USPF (Now USPA). I’ve been competing for about 10 years. My best single ply total is 661, 501, 578 for 1742. My best raw total is 507, 352, 578 for 1438.

I’ve done about 6 meets. 2 USAPL, 2 AAU & 2 IPA

I prefer IPA now that I’ve done a few and been to a few to watch.

I just did the Xmas Carnage meet in Allentown, PA a few weeks ago and totaled 1330 (470/325/535) @ 220lbs (217 weigh in weight)

I’m not happy with the numbers, I want more, I can do more, and I will do more in April. However I am happy with the fact that I left the meet 100% uninjured. I dialed back my deadlift considerably after dropping 500lbs for my 3rd squat attempt.






Single ply



USAPL, RAW, 2 meets, only really training about a year.

198: 452/331/463

And I can fucking do 21 chin-ups. Not sure why such an arrogant tone is necessary, OP, though it may prove useful to have a reference for those who are taking and giving advice to see to and/or from whom they are giving and taking said advice.

1 meet UPA

220 class
Squat 423
Bench 264
Deadlift 523
Total 1212

I also can do a whole bunch of chin-ups OP!


661/330/600 1592 total raw at 198(no cutting), highest 198 raw squat in the nation. 1700 raw total goal for summer.

2100-2200 total goal for a full equipped meet in march.

[quote]2-SCOOPS wrote:
661/330/600 1592 total raw at 198(no cutting), highest 198 raw squat in the nation. 1700 raw total goal for summer.

2100-2200 total goal for a full equipped meet in march.[/quote]

By these standards, no I am not competitive.