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Who Here Can DL Over 700 Raw?


Like it says ...

(I'm on 500lb, hoping to hit 550 in 30 days time)


StormtheBeach and...crickets

There are a few of us who are getting close, though mostly equipped.


i've hit 705, but with the cheater sumo stance. everyone knows that's cheating so it doesn't count.


I'm sure Storm's not the only one. I've met 3 people at my local bodybuilding gym who do over 700 [they're all strongman competitors though]. (310, 330, 330kgs). And virtually no one deadlifts at my gym. Anyone else out there???

Sumo definitely counts - but only because I pull modified Sumo.



Sept. 2005

WABDL MT State Record


Not raw, but I pulled 700 a couple of months ago with suit/straps/hitch...

Would like to get it raw at some point - maybe later this year.


Wendler and Jason Pegg. Alpha can lift 615 with a broken back!


That Pegg guy. Strong AND Handsome! Good call.



i love you. real men pull conventional


Best so far is a fairly easy 765. I am gonna lay off the equipment for a little while and get into some raw meets next year... but suited training has increased my raw deadlift? Weird.


same here a 765 suited I haven't pulled a raw max in a really long time.


i'm nowhere close but there is a guy at my gym who pulled 320kg raw at 275.


I had no idea how rare a 700+ pull was

--- looks like I might have to downgrade my expectations or upgrade the amount of time it will take


not that its rare, just takes awhile.


Hoping for a non hitched 700 pull chalk and belt by the end next semester.




Coffee where the hell have you been? You disappeared, come back to us!


I think New Damage pulled 700 but I'm not sure if I am remembering that right.


661 raw at a meet this weekend @ 192.1 lbs, hoping for 700 raw within 6 months or so.


Chalk and a belt.

Conventional, I dont know how you guys can pull so well sumo, I absolutely blow at it.