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Who here actually has stacked 4-ad with mag-10.

Ok I am on the second phase of cycling with mag-10. I went from 194 to 205 in two weeks. I went to clean out my frig yesterday and I noticed that I had some 4-ad left over from ergo pharm… I will be going back on mag-10 after one more week of M and Tribex. I am wondering if there are any EXPERIANCED prior mag-10 users that stacked it with 4-ad and do you believe that it is worth doing. I can get 4-ad pretty cheap so I was wondering should it be something I cycle with mag-10 or not.

Um, MAG-10 already has 4-AD in it. (4-AD-EC to be exact.)

There could be some value if both are on hand and taking one dose per day of MAG-10: in that case an additional dose of 4-AD-EC might add something depending on the person. If taking two doses per day of MAG-10 I really doubt there would be value to adding more 4-AD-EC (as Paul said, it’s already present in the MAG-10 and I think the amount you get from 2 doses per day is plenty for even experienced steroid users. With this particular compound as with some others, once you get to a certain point, more really doesn’t help noticeably.)

I know it has 4-ad in it… Testosterone store is giving out free 4-ad with there mag-10 products sooo… I thought that maybe you should use it with the mag-10 cycle

I just received my MAG-10 and free 4-AD-EC order (aka the deal of the century) from Biotest, and seeing as I’m in the middle of a 1 dose/day MAG-10 cycle, I thought I might as well add a daily dose of the 4-AD-EC to see if there is any benefit to the stack. My bodyweight went from 185 to 191 in the first 5 days on the MAG-10 alone, but my weight has remained stable for 3 days since, so my plan is to keep the diet as is, and see if the additional 4-AD has any effect. I’ll report back in a few days.