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Who Hates Their Job?!

Quit. I never made any real money until I started doing something I really liked. I beleive you will find this is common. When you are doing what you love, you naturally do well. --To the guy that was thinking about RDPD as a book to read – forget it. RK is a fraud. take a look through his stuff at a book store first. There are no concrete ideas or plans. Much better for someone starting out is Millionaire next door.

Several things:

  1. Be THANKFUL you have the physcial/mental ability to go to school and work two jobs. You could be a quadrapalegic. You could have Down’s Syndrome or some other mental deficit. But you have both the physical and mental ability to learn and work. Be grateful. There’s some proverb or something out there ('Cake would have it, I’m sure) about bemoaning the fact that you have no new shoes until you see the man with no feet.
    Point: Things could always be worse.

  2. When I was 18, I was maintaining my 4.0GPA in high school (all Honors level courses, no PE/woodshop/easy crap), picking up college credits and managing a Japanese restaurant in a city over an hour away, working 70+ hours a week. I was the General Manager, tax advisor, HR manager, hostess, bartender, occasional waitstaff, occasional cook. I went to school from 8-2:30pm, drove the hour to work, worked from 4-2am, drove the hour home, slept from 3-6:30am, and went back to school. I did this for 6 months then worked “full time” at the restaurant. “Full time” equalled 10am-3am, 7 days a week.
    Point: Someone’s always worked harder jobs and longer hours than you have/do - so quit whining or change your situation if you don’t like it.

  3. I HATED the politics at my last job. While I loved the actaul “job” part (System Analyst/DBA), I just have this issue with political bullshit. I put up with overt sexual harrassment (as in “Drop to your knees or you’re fired”), sabotage (my files being broken into and stolen, computer “viruses”, etc), my car being keyed in the parking lot, constantly being talked down to and other really fun stuff for 4 years. Why? Because I had this ridiculous idea that if I worked hard enough and saved their asses often enough and “found” their fucking lost money enough (to the tune of 10-30 million a year) and earned them enough national acclaim that I’d have something of a secure future. More often than not, I’d wake up, throw up, then go to work. Now that’s hating your job. That daydream broke wide open a three weeks ago when I was laid off. “Not enough work”. Fucking yyeeeaaaahhh, riiigghht. Just more political bullshit at work.
    Point: If Gail’s smoke breaks piss you off, try working in the real world.

  4. You want to talk strapped for cash flow? You make 5.50/hour as a part time dishwasher. Try making less than 40% of your NET pay as GROSS on unemployment. Cry me a river. I got a kid to feed; you have [/i]supplements[/i] to buy. Not quite in the same ballpark, are they? So what have I done? I started my own damn business. Nope, housekeeping is not as cool and glamorous as writing code and conducting Systems training for 500+ people, but it’s cash in my pocket and food in my kid’s mouth until I can get a “real” job again. And in this market, that might be 6-18 months.
    Point: YOU chart your own course, make your own destiny, whatever. If no one is offering you a cherry job, go create one that serves your purpose. You have no right to complain about something you have the ability to change, yet don’t.

  5. I completely understand the need to vent. Vent then. Get it out. It’s good for you. All done? Now go DO something about it. Good luck!

Strip. You can do that in either country.

well, i was going to complain about my job but DUDE. compared to yours, mine is great. thanks. don’t mean to sound insensitive but unless you are a slave or an indentured servant, you can get a different job. the only thing stopping you is you. you only work on the weekends so you have an entire week to seek other employment and if you are spending so much time here, you had better get that number so you can work. make a decision and stop letting your circumstances rule you. YOU rule THEM.

Sometimes I dont like my job, I work in an extremely technical and somewhat high pressure environment, everyone there has to be really on their toes and knowledgable, (especially since they laid off a third of our people) but we have gotten new management, and they treat us like we are all fuckups, lackwits and slackers. I worked hard to get were I’m at and sometimes it chafes when some guy that couldnt do my job tries to tell me how I need to improve this or that because they want higher performance from me because I’m responsible for doing the work that 1.5 people were doing.

Anyway, I have an interview next week.
More pay, less BS.