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Who Hates Their Job?!

I can’t fucking stand my job. There are many reasons I hate my job with a bloody passion. Heres why:

  1. I work on Friday and Saturday nights (I can only work on weekends because the rest of the week I’m in Canada and I don’t have a SIN for working in Canada), even though I have no social life, I still like to think that I have Friday and Saturday nights open just in case some hot girl comes knocking on my door asking me if I wanna do something on Saturday night.

  2. I was dishes for a living…yes, you heard that correctly, I’m a DISHWASHER!!! I can’t fucking stand it. The restaurant I work at is one of those fish fry restaurants so when I come home from work I smell like fish and cigarettes. Also, the other dishwasher’s shift on Friday nights ends @ 8PM so from 8PM to 11PM I’m the only dishwasher, thats the time that ALLLLLL the people finish eating and the plates and silverware comes back for my bitchass to wash.

  3. I think I make less than minimum wage. I make $5.50 an hour. I think minimum wage is at about $5.75 right now in New York State.

  4. My shift on Friday and Saturday nights is from 5-11. 6 hours…6 hours without a break. 6 hours without a break while the other dishwasher (an old hag whos been working there for 25 years and talks like one of Marge Simpson’s sisters) takes a smoke break every hour or two. I’ll be getting boatloads and boatloads of dishes coming back that I have to wash and I’ll be like “where the fuck is Gail!!!” Then 5-10 minutes later, she’ll waltz in and smell like tar. I’m contemplating buying a pack of smokes and just going outside every hour or two and make it look like I’m smoking.

Basically, if you read this thread, it means you hate your job. So lets hear why it is that you hate your job because its good to get this kindsa stuff off your chest.

“So lets hear why it is that you hate your job because its good to get this kindsa stuff off your chest.”

What kind of hippy mentality is that? Suck it up, it builds character.

Dude, quit your job. There’s no reason to be miserable. Plenty of shit you can do.

I’m not gonna lie to you, that job does seem like it sucks the big one. But, in all honestly…you can always choose to get a different job. Right? I feel for you though. I know it must be a big bummer to go to a shitty job everyday. So do something about it. Take care my man…TOny G

I agree, Chris. We’re all in a personal Hell at some time or another. Make the best of it.

Besides, aren’t there other jobs out there less painful?

Maybe, you should find you a new job. You’re not stuck there. And what’s wrong with smelling like fish. I work with fish every day. I just don’t understand why people keep on doing something that makes them unhappy. You are in control of your life. Sorry for the rant and it’s not just directed at you.

I love my job. Hey, enrything you do is a result of a choice you make. It took me twenty years of some sucky stuff to get were i am. Go build some character.

You’re a student. What did you expect? Surely an investment bank is not going to give you a job to handle a big client’s restructuring. And w/ the labor market the way it is, you should be happy to have something as a student since almost all internships are gone unless you know the VP or MD.

Dude, get another job. Seriously.

Believe me, guys. If I could get another job, I would. The problem is, as I said in the post, I’m only able to work on the weekends. Therefore, its like hell trying to find a job that’ll hire me for just weekends (until the summer, of course).

If I could quit my job and have another lined up for me, I would in an instant. But the fact of the matter is, if I’m not making money, how do I expect to support my bodybuilding habits? I’ll just have to suffer until I can find something easier.

Also, somebody mentioned a hippy mentality. True, that may be a hippy mentality but I’m the farthest thing from a hippy that you’ll find. I HATE hippies, they’re so damn annoying (some are okay, but for the most part they’re annoying as hell).

Yyyyyyyyyeah…Chris, I’m gonna have to go ahead and have you come in on Sunday too. That would be grrrrrrreat.

The first step is realizing that you are at the bottom of the work food chain. Next is getting pissed (or accepting it if you are a loser) and looking for something better. Irondoc was right, shitty jobs build character. Now you’ll be able to appreciate it more when you get a job that does not suck.

It could be worse, I had to castrate rats in undergrad for biology research. You heard me, rat balls dude.

 Dude, you NEED to leave your job. I know, Ive been there many a time myself.

 I think you'd like working for an airline. If you work for an airline like US Airways, you will get unlimited free flight benefits to anywhere the airline flies (you can fly for free on your first day on a space available basis). Most airlines also have agreements and allicances with other airlines - which to you means you can fly for good discounts to someplace that airline flies.

 I did it and had TONS of fun. It wasnt a great paying job. You'll get paid between 8-9 bucks an hour - 10 at the most. But to be able to be in Orlando for the weekend, in LA the next week, in Chicago the next, then manage to get a week off, and fly to italy, top by France, move on to spain, and back to the US. You'll also get half price for most hotels, all transportation in the airport, and all stores at and around the airport will give you discounts of 50% - some even give you 70% discount. Yes, even for something so mundane as a t-shirt, or c up of coffee.

  Or do what I did a while back and do security. Yes, it's just a rent-a-cop job which gets very boring (unless you work at Fairfield Hills Hospital). But they're ALWAYS looking. Heck I got hired the first day I walked in their office - 2 times in a row for 2 different companies. 

   But I know where you're coming from. I hated my last job so much I quit. Now Im temporarily unemployed - not a smart move, but my head thanks me a million times for getting the hell out of that hellhole - even a nice office will drive you insane.
 Just to give you some leads - and because you are a t-Man, the way you come through should make you a better candidate, I would assume - you might want to try these. They're more fun jobs, that youll enjoy more, and pay a lil more than minimum wage:

 Bartender - ever thought about it?
 Bouncer - If you're a big guy it should make it easier for you... think 'hot chicks'
 Airline Ramp agent - you can usually work as little as 20 hours a week.
 Security guard - most security companies are looking for new guards, and have a number of positions that are weekends only. Might be better than washing dishes.
 Are you going to college and if so what for? Im a student pilot majoring in aviation, so it was much easier for me to get a job at an airport while in college, then anybody else. Companies in a specific field tend to favor hiring those who are studying in their field not only as a prospective permanent employee in the future, but to stimulate and help those studying in their field get by with some extra cash. Studying to become a journalist? Look into newspapers. Biology? Look into labs, hospitals. F.Ex. my brothers a chemistry major with 2.5 yrs in college and he got a part time job that pays him 18 bucks an hour, and becomes full time during the summer. If you're a criminal justice major, look into security companie, hospital security departments (these always pay good), even police departments as a possible dispatcher. If you're an engineering student look into engineering companies. My last employer, an engineering company, hired engineering students all the time for smaller tasks, such as inspecting components and such. Even real small tasks such as filing and working with documents and so forth. Just look into your own field. 
  1. You get paid in Canadian dollars.

I suggest you too quit. I would go to a local fitness center and see if need some help on the weekends. I am sure you can get some floor training job where you walk around and pick up weights for memebers. They pay around minimum wage if not a little better.

Or get your ACE certfication or AFAA. And become a personal trainer.

There’s lots of stuff you can do on the weekend. You just got to look. Or you can just sell your papers :wink:

spbm, I get paid in Canadian dollars in my job up @ school. I get $6.40/Cdn. there an hour. Also, for that job, I get about equal or less in one month than I get from my dishwashing job in a week.

fitone, I tried getting a job @ Gold’s Gym down the street for the weekends…no luck. I called the manager/bastard for a week straight trying to get a hold of him and find out if I got the job then one day the chick that answered the phone said “Chris (same name as I) would like me to relay the message that the position had been filled.” I was like “wtf?!? And you couldn’t tell me this last week?!”

Also, the essay thing, I just recently wrote a couple essays for guys @ school, and if those sumbitches don’t pay up I’m no longer gonna be “Chris the guy who writes essays” to “Chris the guy who breaks kneecaps of guys who don’t pay who he writes essays for.”

Well im a student as well. My job is tough. I hate it and love it at the same time. I make $125 a day doing masonary and construction work. I wake up at 630 and end around 4.I do get dirty but i also get a workout and a tan at the same time. Only thing is that i have to work 6 days. Hate it and love it at the same time.

dude, you get paid a LOT to the last guy that posted.

Stop whining and do something about it. For 10 years I worked as a Service Advisor in a Service Department of a new car dealership. I was the guy that you would come and bitch at when your new car had a rattle or whatever. I used to be just like you, except that I got to live in this hell for 50 hours a week instead of a few hours on the weekend. I got up every day and HATED the thought of spending my day listening to people complain to me like I was the one that built the friggin thing or like I was the one that sold the piece of junk to them. I thought I was stuck because all that I knew was cars and karate, and how the hell was I going to make a living in Maine with karate.
Well, this is how. The Good Lord showed me a space available to lease right in the middle of town for a decent price. Then I made the decision to open it and start teaching karate part time. Now, 5 years later I have the largest dojo in my county and I’m supporting a family of 5. But it had to start with the decision to try. I like to say that failure for me would not have been opening my dojo and having to close it, failure would have been not trying at all.

I feel for you man, I mean it, but I also believe that you have the resources to make yourself more than you can imagine. Go buy the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I think you’ll like it.



How, is that book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” I am planning on buying it for my reading collection.

-In Health,

Silas C.