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Who Has Workouts In Their Blog?


I'm starting this thread to be nosey and see who has a running workout log in their blog under their "My T-Nation".

I could just look at everyone's profile, but that would take too long and with this post everyone will know that you're updating a workout log, so there's a little bit of accountability (motivation) along with knowing other people know about your blog.

I already know of a few who are doing this, so maybe this thread will help get others to do it as well.


I've just started trying it out this past week, though not with complete detail.


I've been considering this, in fact I was planning on playing around with it this week to see how powerful this thing is. I've fooled around with computer based logging before but have found it cumbersome. I nearly left my workout log on vacation last week so I'm somewhat motivated to find an "unloseable" solution.

How has it been working out for those of you using it?


Ok. I'll man up to this one. There are only two entries so far. They just explain my main routine and workout considerations. I've been wanting to start blogging the workouts so this is the perfect excuse to get started. Plus, I plan on adding some cardio next week. I've about hit critical mass for my bodyfat %. I'm presently the fattest I've ever been :frowning:


The only times I had problems were when I was copying and pasting my workout logs from Microsoft Word, and certain characters made it so I'd get an error and I'd have to rewrite that particular blog.

The characters that I found don't work are the arrow that Microsoft Word automatically makes when I typed " => " and also either the ' or the " (I forgot which one).

Other than that, it's been fine, and it posts immediately and you can edit it any time.


I've been considering it. I log all my workouts in a marble notebook. I think I might like excel better though. Any pros/cons to using the blog here?


I still use excel because it has a better format, then I just copy and paste them in my blog.


I've been using it, but have been so busy the last 2 weeks at work, I haven't had time to enter most of my workouts.

If you keep it up to date, I think it is very effective, especially knowing other people are viewing it.

In addition, I have never kept a very detailed journal, but have occasionally noted specific aches/pains and when/where they occured on workouts


I'll start a workout log in my blog with my next workout. I had been thinking of doing this, might as well now.


Yes - I've been blogging my routines and progress since "My T-Nation" Day 1.


Well, I have been using my "blogger" blog. Right now, I am going through the Superhero Workout. I am also about to start the Velocity Diet on Monday. I have also been using YouTube to post videos on the subject. You guys might not find it at all useful though, because I am mostly posting it for those that have never heard of it before.

If any of you would care to see what it is all about, this is the link.


I am pretty sure that my bodyfat percentage as posted is wrong. My weight has stayed the same over the last few weeks, but I can now wear pants two sizes smaller. But, it was a reading with a "light wand" and is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread (or hydrostatic weighing). I think the person that did the reading was on crack or something.

Anyway, that is how I have been logging my workouts. Rock On.



ive finaly got around to using the blog feature. but out of respect for my coach i dont feel i should be posting my full workouts so it isnt going to be particulary detailed. still there is the accountability factor