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Who Has Videos Loaded?


Anyone have any videos uploaded yet?

I just figured out mine, and was able to upload videos that I couldn't upload on myspace (I think it was too big).

The only thing I don't like is that I can't make the video larger, or fit it to the whole screen. I know you can zoom in, but it doesn't make the viewing area any bigger.


Glad someone noticed this. We announced it in the My T-Nation thread, but I don't think many noticed.

Not sure about the zoom feature. Of course we can do it; but like everything else on this site, we want to keep things uniform and have them fit within the allotted space.

Like the feature says, it is still in Beta. We will take these types of requests into consideration. The biggest thing is that we are testing the feature for other applications on T-Nation. So everyone should go use it and let us know what you think!

And, to keep it organized, please try to keep the questions / requests here:




I have some uploaded, but only test ones because I wanted to see how it worked. Pretty cool so far!


hahaha, good ones. That video with the fat kid swinging the bar thing is a classic.

They have a whole site dedicated to him somewhere, and I heard the kid didn't expect the video(s) to get out on the net and had some kind of issues because of it's popularity.


No one else?


Baby steps for me. I have to work on getting some pics up there before I can go to vids.


I uploaded some vids of me lifting a couple days ago. Cool feature.



I'll get some astonishingly boring video's of me doing some lame rehab stuff in the near future...

like benching the bar for reps and other high-caliber feats of strength...

happy? LOL!


Figured I might as well throw on the highlight real from our training for the New Haven Stronger than All II.

Jared posted a link at some point, but now it's available here.


Hey, no one said everything that was uploaded had to be award-winning material. Stuff you find interesting, funny, informative, astonishing, whatever. The more the merrier.


I'm gonna put some vids of myself dancing or doing some bball stuff soon. Maybe doing some beer bongs too. Or french kissing my English babe. I'll just put up a bunch of bs type stuff. Should be fun! LMAO.


Hey, you have one of those weird profiles where you can't see the "my T-Nation" area. It just shows the old profile.

I noticed the same with Lowfatmatt and AG1.

Is there some kind of setting you can choose to not have the regular My T-Nation?


Yes. This was discussed here some time ago:


What it is basically is an option that allows you to determine who can see your My T-Nation: Everyone, Friends Only, or No One.

Furthermore, since we "run the site," no administrators have MyTNation pages at all anymore. If we want you to see something, we'll make sure you do. :wink:


Ahh, I see. And it was explained only 3 posts above one of my posts on that same thread.

I need to be a little more observant.


changed it so everyone can look, not that I've put anything there worth checking out...


Dude, that helicopter video is fucked up. I just totally didn't expect that.


Tell me about it. Kinda took me by surprise too. I'll prolly be posting more like that. That's the kinda videos I have around...


Those are some pretty cool videos, where did you find the fake weights though?


Yah, the sea just ate it up! So quickly too! Wonder if they made it?


I've got really good metallic spray paint that I spray on styrofoam.

I was going to put a few more plates on each side, but it wouldn't look believable.