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Who Has Tried Viraloid?

I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks,and I dont notice anything different.I’ve taken the Biotest TRIBEX,along with RED KAT before,and noticed some increase in sex dr.(I still really dont need that at age 34 though)and felt like my metabo was a little faster.My body got used to it after a few months even though I was doing 5 on and 2 off.Ive also tried tribulus fuel,and for what ever reason my body really responded with that as it really gave me a short fuse esp,late at night,increase in erect.,sex drive,metabo etc.

This stuff,nothing.Its really hyped up,and the friend(yeah some friend)who distributes supps,said “it was the $hit”)I think he should replace the "was the"with"is"and give me back my $35