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Who Has Time to Eat?


I dont know about you guys, but im 19 yrs old and im going thru my second yr in college. Along with all that comes a fast food job that i work at almost full time, im a shift supervisor at a place called Steak n shake, and i have to worry about the minors working there to get their 30 minute break in before the company gets in trouble, and theres about 10 of them that have to break.

With that said, ive been trying to bulk, or atleast maintain my weight (of healthy food) and i Never eat every 3 hours like i want too. i eat 2 grilled chicken sandwichs there probably about every 5 hours, which is bad. What could be a healthy alternative for working and not having time to grab some food?

Lets say a protein shake every 3 hours? i didnt know if drinking 3-4 protein shakes a day for 5 days a week could be good for you.


every job i ever get i always tell my boss that its very important for me to eat every 2-3 hours..and it will take less than 5 minutes..(i'll scarf something down fast)...you could just lie and say its a medical condition..or just bring in protein bars and throw them in your back pocket...

whats wrong w/ 3-4 protein shakes a day???? better than 1 meal....

you can always find a way to eat, when i was in college..id eat right in class...i didn't care


eating anything is good.

A protein shake counts as a meal.

Make huge meals in liquid form to take with you, fruits and crap like that and some protein powder.


It all boils down to preparation. Hopefully you have the means to cook. About every 3 days I try to set aside an evening to cook something that will make enough meals to get me through the next 3 work days. With just a little research you can find plenty of recipies that are easy cook and suit your nutritional needs. One of the best investments that I've made is the purchase of a crock pot.

Obviously you can also mix in protein shakes here and there are even protein bars which you can also make yourself. Actually, there's a lot of recipies available for making your own protein bars that usually far more nutritious then the ones commercially available.

If you really don't have a means to cook then you have to do the best you can with stuff that's easy to prepare right out of the fridge or cabinet. I didn't have a means to cook for a while so basically lived off of bananas and canned tuna for my in between meals at work. Yep, I got damn sick of eating that but you do what it takes.

I think anyone that serious at all about their training needs to know some basics about cooking and food preperation. What resources do you have available? It might make it easier to suggest something more specific.


You could try some Matabolic Drive with some Olive/Flax Oil and maybe PB, and then snack on a homemade nut mix every time you can.

My mix is walnuts, almonds, and cashews.

There's always food to be eaten.


Display adaptability.

Nuff' said.


if you have a fridge, which im sure you do, just bring in a half gallon of skim milk to supplement your food meal


Yea when i do eat, i tell them i dont want a 30, i just want a 5. it takes me 5 minutes to swallow the chicken sandwichs. as far as alot of protein shakes, i just didnt know alot a day would be good for u, but now i know. As far as eating in class ive never tried that hahaha ill try that and see what happens. Thanks guys.


yea i prepare meals and sometimes bring them to work, i like to cook, when i have time. crockpot? i have one but never use it, a wok is my best friend. since i work in a restaurant i just cant eat on the product line where we make food, i have to go in the back, thats why i was wondering if protein shakes 3-4 times a day would be good, because i can just throw that in a cup and customers will think its water. I know, sounds like kindergaden huh? restaurant managers are geigh. Yup, if you guys wanna see my workout meal plan ill paste it. its my leaning-down meal plan.


I use my crockpot all the time. I'll buy 4 or 5 sirloin roasts when I go to the store. The night before, I'll cut up a couple sweet potatos and an onion and take a roast out of the freezer to defrost. The next morning before work, throw the roast and veggies (I'll also add a bag of frozen carrots or green beans) into the pot and set for an 8 or 10 hour cook. When you get home from work it's done and you've got meals for the next couple days.


Thats a kickass idea. im doing that 2morro.


obviously the crockpot isn't gas powered if you are leaving it turned on all day

dude you work at steak and shake and you never thought of drinking a shake??? can't you just throw in some powder and drink a shake at work? then in lunchbreak, steak. sounds ideal. but your workplace conditions sound crap


Haha, no it's an electric slow cooker.


Every professor I have kicks my ass out for eating in class, so now I just have a friend highlight the notes he/she took when I was out.


If you're trying to bulk why are you just eating grilled chicken? Eat a damn burger.

You have to meet three requirements. Get adequate protein, get your EFAs, and eat at a caloric surplus. It's hard to eat a ton of calories in only a few meals but if your job requires you to be very busy, then ensure you are eating enough calories, it doesn't make much difference if it's 3 meals a day or 6. Try to find a proper balance.


Good advice. No one says eating six times a day is a requirement. The most important factor is CALORIES, not how many times you ate. Many of us had busy college schedules. I always just tried to fill up on the meals that I could fit in. I don't understand bulking and only eating chicken breasts. There are only about 25gr of protein in the average chicken breast.


I have been lucky that my boss is very understanding, but here is a great story for bosses and profs. Tell them you are diabetic and you are able to control it through carefully timed meals. This keeps you from having to be on medication.


I have done this. However, do not use "diabetic". "Hypoglycemic" is more truthful and does not require the pretense of medication.


Well the only reason why i eat 2 chicken breast is because 1 single patty is like 30g of fat and like 18g of protein, as opposed to the chicken thats only like 4-5g of fat and 20-25g of protein. the shakes are way too high in sugar, and a medium is like 650 caleries. im trying to bulk, but i dont wanna turn into a fat ass off double steakburgers with cheese in 2 weeks.


You won't turn into a fat ass in 2 weeks if you're training properly and especially at 19. Dude, live a little (damn, I'm saying that at 15)