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Who Has The Best Uniforms?


OK, so it's a bit of a feminine topic, but it does spark some fun debate. Who has the best uniforms, especially helmets, in football (or baseball, hockey, basketball)? Here are my picks:

1. Penn State
2. Michigan
3. Alabama
Honorable mentions: Texas, Air Force, FSU, Georgia

1. Pittsburgh
2. Cleveland
3. San Diego
Honorable mentions: Chicago, Green Bay, Dallas


The local co-ed Catholic High School here in Madrid has some really smashing uniforms - it makes my daily commute seem shorter.

Is that wrong?


Good observation. Is it wrong? Hell yes. But that's why it is sooooo right!!


ATL Falcons get my vote.


College Football Best:
1. Michigan
2. Iowa
3. Notre Dame
4. Florida State
5. Ole Miss
6. LSU
7. Colorado at Boulder
8. Penn State
9. Navy
10. Nebraska

College Worst:
1. Ohio State
2. Illinois
3. San Diego State
4. Texas
5. Florida Gators
6. Miami (Florida)
7. Texas Christian
8. Clemson
9. Army
10. Griffindor, I mean, USC Trojans

NFL Best:
1. Chargers
2. Steelers
3. Packers
4. Raiders
5. Broncos
6. Rams
7. 49'ers
8. Bills
9. Lions
10. Jets

NFL Worst
1. Bengals
2. Browns
3. Dolphins
4. Seahawks
5. Jaguars

MLB Best:
1. Red Sox
2. Tigers
3. Yankees
4. Braves
5. Cubs

MLB Worst:
1. Padres
2. Diamond-Backs
3. Reds
4. Rangers
5. Devil Rays
6. Marlins

NHL Best
1. Red Wings
2. Maple Leafs
3. Penguins
4. Cannuks
5. Bruins

NHL Worst
1. Lightning
2. Ducks
3. Thrashers
4. Predators
5. Coyotes



In college football it's Michigan, hands-down.


The flying V's of the late 70s - early 80's Vancouver Canucks.


You could not be more right.


Penn State with the best uniforms? It's just a white helmet and a navy jersey. I know a lot of people might try to describe that as "classic", but it just seems blah.


I'd say the Marine's dress uniforms are by far the best. None of our other branches even really comes close.


Kuz I understand your point, I think you have to look at Penn State's Uni's as the Tuxedo's of college football. Simple, classic, yet bold.




Now it's definately turned feminine, and yes gay. And yes, this time, there is definately something wrong with that.


Fuckin A...

I knew it was gay the second after I pushed submit...

Son of a bitch, I guess I'm "fancy pants" for the day


I think this'd be more fun if it were regarding the CHEERLEADERS. Pics would be nice =]


For sheer eye-burning, soul-searing balls, you can't beat the Houston Astros in the 1980's. They wore something on their jerseys which can only be described as a "shit rainbow".

The Phillies in the 80's come pretty close to tying them, though. Remember their away uniforms? Powder blue and burgandy. They looked like they were going to a prom at a Puerto Rican high school.


The oregon ducks have quite possibly the ugliest uniforms in existence today.


The ugliest had to be those ATL Braves from the 80's. The powder blue and the belts. They looked like pajamas.

What the hell is wrong with the Oakland A's uniforms. I can't figure it out. For some reason, everyone looks like they have massive white clown shoes on. It's just akward!

The Cincinnati Bengals are about one tiger stripe away from looking like an arena football team.

My feminine side is really oozing out. I'll just go all out then. The red in the helmets of Iowa state do not match the jerseys. Oh God! I'm growing a vagina!!!


USC Hand's Down...oh wait that's the cheerleaders


You can't beat the Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleaders...with the midriff jerseys. Damn!!!