Who Has The Best BBQ?

  • Texas
  • Carolina
  • Kansas City
  • Memphis

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Creating this topic because I want to watch the world burn.

Justifying your answer with photos is HIGHLY encouraged.


I want to just note I’m already kicking myself for not listing “Santa Maria”, because that’s clearly the winning choice.


I am mad that i have not yet gone on my American BBQ tour, i’ve had Texas and Carolina from their respective sources but not near enough each other time wise to give a fair assessment. Only had the others outside of their regions.

But, to be honest to my troll self, I’m still voting.

Beef ribs are life


I voted Texas as well, but it was close with Kansas City. I do like sweet saucy BBQ (Kansas style), but Texas brisket is amazing (although never had it from Texas, just Texas style).

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Oh my goodness yes.

I used to go to a place on Grover Beach called “The Ribline”. They were featured on Man Vs Food. FANTASTIC beef ribs in the land of Santa Maria BBQ. Man do I miss it.

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The beef ribs from Blacks are the absolute best thing I’ve ever tasted.


Ever had a burnt end? They are thick pieces of bacon that are BBQed.

I have had those, although that isn’t what burnt ends are in Texas. Here burnt ends are made from the point of the brisket.

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I have never had bbq from any of those places. I have also never eaten ribs or brisket before. Am I missing out?

Yes, of course.

But these are also STYLES of BBQ. You most likely had BBQ in one of these styles, if you had BBQ.


Oh, I have had those too. The point of the brisket is IMO better than the flat.


I really like this guys channel. He looks like he can appreciate some good BBQ.

Look at those pork belly burnt ends.

Yes. You don’t necessarily have to go to these places, but try out some BBQ.


As a native New Englander, I can’t weigh in with any authority on this matter as I’ve never had the various forms in their homelands. Of the re-creations I’ve had locally, the Texans have my unofficial vote.

I mostly came here to say that this topic is borderline PWI with how hot-button it can get, and I’m breathless on the edge of my seat with anticipation.


Agreed, Seattle is definitely not known for their BBQ but had a fantastic KC style place that was just about the best i’ve had, anywhere.

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I was in Austin about a decade ago at some well-regarded joint, I ordered a few things that seemed reasonable to me. About 5 min later a guy walks over to a friend of mine with what looks like a femur full of meat, I had to inquire what the hell it was. Never, in the first 25 years of my life, did I realize that the ribs I was eating were not from beef. Blew my mind.


Grilling is the same as BBQing, right?


I’ll see myself out now.


I am going to Austin for the first time later this year. I have added these folks to my list.

IDK man, you left out Korean BBQ, and them folks know how to COOK.


Purely a CONUS comp. Otherwise I would have Hawaiian BBQ stomp on everything

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South Africa - and it’s a braai, not a BBQ.

Best I’ve eaten in the US was at the Weber restaurant in Chicago. To be fair, I’ve never been to Texas, Carolina, Kansas or Memphis so I’m happy to be over-ruled on the US champ.

I prefer Memphis style because I like the way dry rubbed spices flavor the meat. Stoped in Memphis pre CVid at Central BBQ.

Probably the best ribs I have had.

You left out St Louis BBQ. Roper’s ribs is probably the best place there followed by Sugarfire BBQ (head chef at Sugarfire trained under Emeril Legasse)