Who Has Had Gyno Surgery?

After 1 1/2 years of my gyno slowly getting bigger and bigger I’m finally getting something done. At first I was scared to tell my doctor what the real reason was that I thought I had gynecomastia, and he thought I was just paranoid. But finally, I confessed and they are sending me to an endocrinologist Wednesday and said afterwards we can look into plastic surgery.

Having this gyno has undermined my confidence and at times made me depressed enough that I would stop working out for long periods at a time…

But this shit could possibly be all over.

So who has had gyno surgery? Did your chest look normal again? How long was recovery? And were you happy with the results.

I was definately one of those cases that rushed into AAS too soon and paid for it, but also learned alot in the process; bittersweet.

I would like to hear more of your story. Seriously.

I have dealt with a slight amount of pubertal gyno that has bothered me for a long, long time (since puberty! :wink: and which I have aggravated through my travails…

Would you mind sharing?

Really, if anyone in this “shark tank” says anything stupid I promise to lay into the idiot mfer because this is honestly a subject that is not discussed here NEARLY enough and it damned well should be.

I know for a fact that gyno is a part of our subculture. It should be discussed more openly. I’m happy to admit that I have a bit of it, myself, that I am uncomfortable with, and I know just how psychologically taxing it can be.

I had Gyno surgery in my left nipple. It wasnt from ASS use, but just from puberty.

I survived thyroid cancer, so I am high-risk for cancer. Because of this, insurance paid for the gyno treatment.

Surgery was at 7:30 am. I was out of the hospital by noon. By dinner time I could do push-ups, and that night we even threw a house party at my house.

It was sore for about a week. After that, it was only sore if someone punched my chest or grabbed my nipple.

My nipple looks normal, I cant even see the scar if I look for it.


I just had my surgery this October and basicly it took 30-45min w/ only local anastetic.

Its not even 6 months later and my chest looks completly normal you cant even see scars of any kind. Recovery was about a week and like DOHCrazy said you will be a little more sensitve to direct contact for a little while.

I had to go back to the doctor twice to have fluid drained but other than that it basicly no hassle and the results for me we’re well worth it.

Also where I live the entire procedure was covered by the public healthcare system and cost me nothing more than the gas to drive to the hospital.

[quote]DOHCrazy wrote:
I had Gyno surgery in my left nipple. It wasnt from ASS use, but just from puberty.


Only on the one nipple? Is there any visible imbalance?

[quote]Game Time wrote:
DOHCrazy wrote:
I had Gyno surgery in my left nipple. It wasnt from ASS use, but just from puberty.

Only on the one nipple? Is there any visible imbalance?[/quote]

My body fat isn’t all that low. Before surgery, both of my nipples were kind of ‘poofy’.

Now, the left nipple stays hard. My right nipple stays flat now because I lost weight after sorting out the thyroid problems. It seems as if I over eat for the day the right one will get puffy again.

Hopefully that made sense.

I will definately post how things go through each step in the process. But for every guy, gyno is just not a manly thing, and for all of us testosterone muscleheads, as seen by the world, fall to the “mighty” estrogen hormone is ironic and a catastropic blow to image of myself that I hold onto.

I try to hide my history of AAS because people are just not educated, don’t understand, and will never understand. And of course no one knows of my gyno situation, my only refuge is here. And I will go to the plastic surgeon’s office alone, face the humilation of sitting amoungst all the women trying to get breast implants, staring at me wondering “What’s wrong with him?” But I will be stronger for it, with a new lease on life.

That’s how I see this operation and how much it means to me; and I feel like a queer saying all this, but at least Im doing what I have to do, and we can all laugh about how gay I was about this whole situation over a beer. A fuckin men.

I know how you feel and I am just starting that process. Cept I have no idea as to why its happening to me. I wish I did so I can correct the situation. But I don’t and I know my levels are way out of wack. But for not same reasons.

Press on my friend get your stuff done. And never look on it again!

Good luck!

I got pubertal gyno as well. It’s annoying as hell, but I don’t exactly have thousands of dollars laying around to get the surgery. :confused:

i looked into the surgery myself. costs about 5 grand in jersey. how much did it cost for you guys who’ve had it done?

Con@n ==> Godspeed my friend. It takes more of a man to act in the face of adversity than those who mock but have never known misfortune.

There is a great thread about this in the T-Cell. I believe it’s called you have male titties. It’s stickied