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Who has Felt Better Lowering T Dose?

200mg T a week is not some far out amount obviously and more isnt necessarily better but has anyone felt better going form 200 to 100? No matter what you story is whether adding more or less made you feel better share the details. Your protocols? Your reasoning behind why adding or subtracting your weekly does you think made a difference?

I went from 225 a week to 100 (felt better) to 110 (felt more better) and now at 130 (feel most bestest). My initial thinking, since I started at 100mg a week, was to see where I felt best and gradually worked my way up to 225mg but I didnt feel as good so I brought it back down to 100 and worked my way back up a little bit. I respond very well to testosterone so even at 105mg per week my TT was 1000 at trough. At 225 it was sky high for TT and FT.

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Feel best on 7mg daily, 49mg weekly, so far this is the best I have ever felt on TRT. It definitely feels like when I was on 25mg EOD but without all the side effects. The way my breasts burned on 7mg daily was comparable to the 25mg EOD protocol.

My levels were far lower on the 7mg daily 417 3 weeks in, I have heard daily is more anabolic than any other protocol if you have the right short CAG AR receptor repeat lengths. Guys that have short CAG AR receptor repeat lengths will feel the effects of each injection immediately according to my doctor.

This makes any protocol were levels are fluctuating between injections much more pronounced, it’s no wonder why my body prefers a daily protocol. My levels are really swinging on a twice weekly protocol by about 150 ng/dL, low SHBG means FT levels are fluctuating to a greater degree.

Plus or minus 100 ng/dL (500-400 ng/dL) will see FT plus or minus 6 pg/mL (21.5–>14.9 pg/mL), top of the range versus levels deemed to be suboptimal be leading experts.

Interesting thank you for sharing

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That’s pretty much me. Take a shot and everything increases immediately. Energy, sec drive, all went up in the first week after a small dose.

What size needle and what compound are you using daily? Are your injections IM or sub Q?

I think no one should start at 200. Starting at 100 and working up if necessary.

Key is to stay on same reasonable protocol for 8 weeks and then access.

I have great results between 90-110 a week. Am at 110 for a while now.

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I use Easy Touch 29 gauge insulin syringes.

Are you using short or long ester test?

The problem with that is it just takes longer to reach steady state. When someone has a testosterone deficiency and finally decides to take the plunge into TRT they need to feel a good result and see positive changes or they will not stick with it.

This is why its best to start at 200 and titrate down if necessary based on labs near the week 10 -12 mark.

Also this expedites the adjustment period. If you are going up in dosage it can take up to 6 weeks for the new adjustment to take effect, making it extremely hard to decipher if the adjustment was positive.

If you start at 200 and come in really high, you can simply skip 1 week to cut your levels in half. So the adjustment period becomes just one week instead of 6.

Hope this helps.

I started out on 220mg/week once weekly injections with 1mg anastrozole. I also started a new job 2 weeks earlier. I walked into the first of three surgeries that day with crashed E2 and couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes at a time. My bones ached. After the second time I crashed E2 I dropped the AI and the dosage. Went to 100mg doing twice a week injections. Gave it 3 months and felt ok but nothing special (as in didn’t feel like death). Started incremental dosage of 20mg from 100-160mg with at least 8-12 weeks between each change. Once I got to 185mg (after 8 weeks there) I started feeling good but until I went from twice weekly, to EOD (not much better), to daily sub-q (I started feeling really good here) to EOD sub-q (not as good) and to finally daily IM (my favorite) is when I started to feel awesome. Better than I thought I was able to be with zero side effects. Going the daily route is when sleep issues went away which were constant at every dosage.

What are the symptoms of too high dose?

High blood pressure & sleep issues that don’t go away after 3 or 4 months are the main ones for me. But they also happen on dosage changes but eventually go away.

I don’t agree. Like other medications- blood pressure, thyroid , statins ,etc you start low and go up.

I think 200 mg shocks a body thats been low t for years for example.

Those medications don’t have a 7 day half life. Works great, we do it everyday

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T4 has a 7 day half life.

Starting high also increases risk of symptoms.

Yea but your not really titrating T4 are you?

Sure you do. Drs starts u off low…

T4 converts to T3, your not really titrating T4 your titrating T3.

If starting high gives you symptoms, why in this study for 12 weeks did no one report major side effects? As much as 600mg per week. Also lab work confirmed no clinically significant difference.

Why did the subjects in the lower dosage group report more minor side effects than in the higher dosage group?


Edit: Also if you notice, body composition change did not happen at the lower dosage group, which is the health benefit of TRT, without that you’re not decreasing your risk of mortality.

Started at 200 and recently dropped to 120. There is zero difference that I notice. Hell, I noticed no difference between 200 and 450. I think it depends on how you react and how you handle those swings. Some people can feel a 50mg shift, some people are the same at almost any dose. Everyone is a little different.