Who Has Experience with GHRP2 or Hexarelin?

Looking for anyone with experience with GHRP 2 or Hexarelin. I would take one or the other WITH mod grf. I know about the peptides and have read the studies, done all my homework etc etc so I am not looking for info like that, what I am wondering is how people’s experiences with them were. was it worth the money? which gave best bang for buck? I have no interest in ghrp6 because my appetite is already way too much I don’t think I could handle any more. I’m looking to use it for it’s anabolic, sleep patterns, healing, and overall well being properties. thanks

ps:as a side note, I have heard that hex gives about 5-10iu hgh equivalent of a pulse and ghrp2 is more like 3-4 iu equivilant… can anyone comment on this? I can’t find any medical literature on that, it’s more just word around the water cooler/broscience

I’ve taken a stack of Ipamorelin with Mod GRF and I’ve taken HGH. The HGH wins hands down but if I had never taken HGH, I probably would have been more satisfied with the peptides. I seriously doubt there is any equivalency like the numbers you are talking about.