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Who Has Done the V-Diet?


I know many on the BB board don't like it, but I also know some of you have tried it.

Did you complete it? I'm on Day 3 and feeling awful. I'm seriously contemplating giving up on it.
The hunger sucks, but the overall feeling like shit is what's doing it.


You've already committed man. Unless your strength levels tank, you should finish it IMO. Otherwise you'll feel like a pussy.


I have done it. The first couple days is fucking complete hell. However once you get towards the end of that first week and finally get your meal, you aren't so bad.
I did manage to complete the diet and didn't stray at all, but it wasn't easy.

As for my workouts, I didn't like the TBT workouts at all, but whatever, they are effective for melting the fat. I remember the first week of the V-Burn Challenge, I just threw up everywhere :frowning: Overall though, after the first week, I felt pretty good during the workouts.

I went from 188 (at 5'7 and ~18%BF) to 170 and could visibly see abs. Idk how much muscle you have on you, but I'm guessing you aren't the size of someone like X, so losing a lot of LBM shouldn't be an issue.


WTF, didn't you start one of these threads like last month?

Dude is this Deja Vo?

Am I totally losing my shit?


Did it a few years back... Its hell for the first 3-4 days, then you get used to it. Not gonna lie, I ate a half cup of Cottage Cheese to kill the hunger pangs when they hit for the first week... Like 80 calories and mostly protein, so nothing major... My results were "avg" for the V-Diet, about 15 pounds down, mostly fat.

I dont really remember "feeling like shit" but if you went from a diet rich in carbs to the V-Diet, expect to feel like shit for about a week or so to kick over into a fat metabolism from a carb metabolism.


The first couple of days are the worst, but after that things should get easier. I did a two week version of it that was much more strict, and was actually fine the whole way, but I think it was knowing that I only had to go for two weeks.

What are your stats?


maybe, I'm loopy as hell right now


200 lbs @ 20% body fat

lost 5.5 lbs in the 1st 2 days, but I'll chalk that up to 3 lbs of water weight and 2.5 lbs of lack of food in my digestive tract

If I could get to 15% BF at the end, I'd be happy


Okay... I'm pretty sure I like triple posted the same thing too, so disregard the next couple times I say the same general thing.


JF, are you following Waterbury's training or doing your own thing?


his. I did make a couple exercise changes (similiar but different), for example instead of doing the OH squat (cuz my flexibility sucks) I'm doing the hack squat.


Why not do regular squats then? Unless you're talking about old school hack squats (lifting the barbell from behind your legs).


Did it, worst idea ever.


Stick with it. You'd probably be about 185 when you're done, and 15% is definately doable. Good luck.


It's a quick way to obliterate several months' progress...


I did it. Day 3-4 is by far the lowest point. And then each Monday after the HSM can be pretty hard as well.

The results were not as good as I expected, and I did a whole load of extra NEPA as well. I lost 3% BF in total, but there was a slight rebound afterwards. I'm back up 1-1.5% at the moment.

Just finish it man. It does get easier.



Honestly, JF, why are you doing this?

If you're determined to cut for the summer, go for it, but just keep in mind that you WILL get weaker (assuming you have semi-decent numbers).

Seriously, look into the G-flux thing. It's a LOT harder than the V-Diet, but this will be your best shot at maintaining mass if you want to cut a little bit quicker than you probably should. Increase kcals IN, and drastically increase kcals OUT.

You probably already know many of these, but I'll list them anyway. If your current training is working well, simply add in some of the following;

*No simple sugars, stick to complex carbs even after training. Less carbs overall (carb-cycling is best).

*Cardio (low intensity, assuming you are training hard and heavy) 10-20mins each day, seperate from weight training.

*Decrease total volume of each training session, and perform more sessions per week (possibly the most effective option, but I realise this may be impractical).

*Add 1 or 2 training sessions involving heavier circuits/complexes. For example, a circuit involving legpress/chins/OHP or similar for low reps/high volume will rip fat off you like crazy.

You get out of this sport what you put into it. Ultimately, the V-diet is a complete cop out. Try a couple of things above and you'll see how much harder it is, and how much better the results are.


Well, I feel slightly bad, but I'm OUT. I was up till 3am feeling like complete shit.

I had no solid food in the house so I actually drove out to WaWa at 1am, just so I could get a 6" sub to have something solid in me, it wasn't the hunger that got me, but the fact my body needs something solid. The diarrhea last night was the worst of the 3 days, and I've partially learned what I wanted.
I can't recommend this to a client.

Dave like you said there are other ways that work well. I know this, but wanted to give it a try. I failed, life goes on


This post was full of win. If only every fat person who "goes to the gym" would just read this and do it.

However I do have a better outlook on the V-Diet, having done it myself a couple years back. I don't remember really getting hungry though and I definitely didn't feel like shit. I think it was probably the HOT-ROX Extreme that helped with both those side effects. The HOT-ROX used to make me feel great. I lost 12 pounds in the first 2 weeks and I think about 20 lbs overall.


Have I done the V-Diet?

No. I lift weights.