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Who Has Done T-3/Clen Cycle?

This will be my first time on this cycle, pyramiding up to 150 mg t-3 per day and as much clen as I can stand, for six weeks. I have used t-3, but not clen What can I expect as far as discomfort goes? I’m not a big fan of anxiety and jitters. I tolerated ephedrine pretty well, is it similar? How about results?

bro, dont run the clen for longer than 3-4 weeks. your body adapts to it pretty quickly and youd just be wasting pills for 2-3 weeks.

just my humble opinion…

Thanks for the reply. What is the jitter effect like on clen? Is it uncomfortable at all? Palpitations?

Actually conventional wisdom says to run the clen either 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, or 2 days on 2 days off. You can run the T3 throughout and taper…

I did the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off method for 6 weeks, with decent results.

Major Side affects: Rapid heart beat…

I also started using gugglesterones 14 days before the T3 ended to help my thyroid recover, Syntrax Guggobolic is good stuff

you could run the clen for the whole 6 weeks if you use ketotifen with it. but its kinda expensive a cheaper alternative is benadryl.

oh by the way i forgot to mention that
if your go the benadryl route take 25-50mg for a whole week every third week .
you might wanna take it before bed time cause it may make you sleepy.
hope this helps
i can PM you a link


Please do, as well as any info on the most effective route for this cycle. THanks