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Who Has Conquered Buttwink?


buttwink = losing lumbar arch in the deep portion of the squat. i'm sure most of you either have it or have had it. for those of you who have gotten rid of it, what did you do?

-butt wink is very primarily caused by tight hamstrings: true?

thank you!

ps: share injuries caused by butt wink if you have any.


Having a fairly excessive lumbar curve (and thus tight hamstrings) seems to create a disposition for SI problems, at least in my experiance.

A common cause of what you refer to as "buttwink" would definitly be tight hamstrings, most try to compinsate my focring themselves down which results in bad form. The most logical way to prevent or remedy this would be dynamic warm-ups pre training and mobility/static stretching afterwards.


Hip mobility and switching to low bar squatting are what helped me the most.

I think that "tight hamstrings" is a vast oversimplification because mine never were.


I used to get this at the bottom of my ATG squats

focusing on staying tight and arching, plus lots of front squatting and hip mobility, are probably what did the trick


Don't squat deep = problem solved!


I thoroughly stretch my calves, hamstrings, glutes and hips before squatting and deadlifting. I also do hip strengthening exercises from the bottom, stretched position.

Other than the odd rep where I go out of my groove (so this is also a technique issue I guess), I do not get this anymore.



No one said you have to squat deep for big, strong legs.


now everyone's going to use these quotes to justify quarter squatting


tight glutes, foam roll and release them


thanks guys.
i'll try foam rolling more. it's sitting here doing nothing.
how effective is dynamic stretch not around workout?

hip mobility refers to what? like glute activation exercises such as birddog and clams and bridges etc? or magnificent mobility work



I conquored it. But one day I rolled my ankle 3 times in 2 hours, which damaged some ligament in my ankle. The problem induced was a smaller ROM in my ankle before i feel acute pain. I cannot get my knees as far forward anymore so now I have taken a step back :frowning:

I am going to an ankle specialist soon, so I will see if I can get my ROM back.


What is foam rolling?


I've never been able to conquer it fully. My ASIS hits the top of my quads and posterior tilts my pelvis into what you call "buttwink".

How would a low bar position help buttwink as you would need to lean forward more to keep the weight centered over the foot?

Weightlifting shoes could help as they take some of the forward tilt of the torso.

EDIT: No clue why I quoted that post.


then move to a tennis ball against the wall, on the glute, glute medius, piniformis etc.
Then to a hard ball on the floor later on

fixed me up good, I used to butt wink a little
But I also did release work for my whole body. LOok at working on the obliques and spinal erectors as well, all the way up the back, plus bottom of the feet and calves. The fascia connects the whole chain up the backside of the body. If it's tight something will cause you sag

and yeah low bar position fullsquats, seem to be easier in keeping a tight arched lower back with zero butt wink for me
I don't seem to lean over that much more either, in oly shoes


For me it was tight hammies, without a doubt. This makes sense, too, if you read Starting Strength, since the hammies anchor the pelvis. If the hammies are too tight, the pelvis will be pulled closer to the knee, which causes the back to round. To keep the pelvis farther back, the hammies must stretch.

Incidentally, this also increases power out of the bottom, since the amount of force a muscle can generate is directly proportional to the amount of stretch it undergoes during the eccentric. No stretch = no power.

Other things that helped were using a lower bar position and olympic weightlifting shoes, also espoused in SS. I do declare that if you squat like this consistently and are patient, you'll be a speed/vert freak. I know CoolColJ agrees.


Assuming you have good flexibility, focus on looking ahead in the squat while keeping the chin neutral, pulling down on the bar to keep the arch, and driving through your heels when you come up. High bar or low bar, this stuff applies.

And go as deep as your flexibility allows, be it below parallel or atg!!!


Not sure if it was a joke, but here's a link for those who don't know what foam rolling is :wink:


Stay strong