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Who Has Colorado Experiment Workouts & Diets?


I'm embarking on a 30 day Colorado Experiment type training and diet routine. Does anyone have a pre-built set of exercises and a diet routine for this? I'd rather not reinvent the wheel and I can't seem to find much via google etc.

Also, the whole "one set to failure/super slow reps" thing is definitely the hardest workout I've ever done, but I don't feel like I'm really hitting failure. In reality I'm having to stop the set from lactic acid buildup pain, not failure. Has anyone encountered that, and if so have a solution? Can I pause between reps to clear the lactic acid for a second?

Thanks in advance for the advice.


There's lots of info out there, I'll see what I can find. But I'd like to say that 30 days is WAY too short a time for something like this.

You do know that Viator built then lost tons of muscle BEFORE this experiment right?

Unless you are rebuilding lost muscle, I wouldn't expect much more than a regular 8-12 set HIT routine would give you.

As for the other issue, just start at one set of 8, not 12 reps. The burn will be somewhat lessened that way.



I do realize that Viator is not going to represent a typical gain expectation. I actually plan to go on this program much longer, possibly 6 months. but I want to do 30 days up front and look at results and then refine. I really liked the results I only got in one week by going to pain limit/failure.

I've already seen a slight thickening in the chest, arms and legs. I'm also enjoying the longer time between workouts (only two HIT workout a week)because at 37 my recovery ability is diminished. being able to eat big again is also a relief. So far no fat gain! :slightly_smiling:


I completely agree with derek, but just to help you out, here is Arthur Jones' article explaining the Colorado Experiment:



I recall reading a lot about this years ago. Supposedly Viator would be paid based on how much weight he could regain, and according to a few other BBers who were around, he would also go train his ass off at night to ensure he would indeed make progress (guess he didn't think Jones' protocol was sufficient). He was also all hopped up on tons of drugs. Just keep this in mind when you try to gain your 63 lbs of muscle in 30 days :slight_smile:



Ken Leistner's article and workout is very result producing as well.

I'm also 37 so I know how you feel.

Full Squats - 15-20 reps

Pullovers �?? 8-12 reps

Standing Presses �?? 8-12 reps

Barbell Rows �?? 8-12 reps

Dips �?? 8-12 reps

Barbell Curls �?? 8-12 reps

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts - 15 reps


No Pec work?


I may be naive but it's been said many times that Viator was NOT on drugs with AJ. Who knows right?


That's what dips are for. Lots of people, me included get more out of dips (for chest) than benches. Try going to failure by yourself with dips, then do it with the bench press. Just for the safety factor, dips win.

If that's not your bag, just sub out dips for something similar, maybe db bench?

  1. leg extensions
  2. hip and back machine
  3. duo squat machine
  4. leg curls
  5. pullover machine
  6. behind the neck pulldowns
  7. double shoulder machine
  8. rowing machine
  9. double chest machine
  10. biceps curl
  11. triceps extensions
  12. dips

This is what I believe Casey did during his time there. Some things were negative only, of course to total failure and little/no rest between exercises.


I don;t know where you've seen that, but even Mike Mentzer refered to the "supplements" Viator was taking when he was put through said experiment.



The exact workouts Casey performed are going to be almost impossible to replicate. Casey did alot of negative only work on Nautilus Omni machines.

If you have never seen these machines, they are basically set up so your legs lift a weight to a contracted position and then you lower the weight only with whatever muscle you are trying to train.

Very few were ever made. The squat machine for the experiment never made it out of the prototype stage. Eventually became the the duo-squat though.

Casey had lost weight from an infection from an accident at work involving his hand. Also he was instructed to diet down severely before the experiment and I don't believe he was training for a few months leading up to it.

Bump calories way up, make a come back to training, Train HARD, have great genetics and take drugs and you to will gain a ton of muscle fast.

I don't want to take anything away from Casey as he had a great physique and was very powerful but if you can't see he was on steroids while training with AJ you don't know what a natural physique looks like.

With all that being said there is no reason you can't have productive full body HIT workouts and not expect to increase muscle.



Thanks everyone,

I want to make it clear that I have no delusions about this routine. I know some people have had amazing results, but I know that individual results will vary. I also know all about CV before and after the experiment. I researched the experiment as best I could with google etc.

I'm trying to duplicate the negative only situation with existing Nautilus equipment and using free weights that can be done to failure without a spotter for safety. I'm also using very strict form.

I've only been doing this about 8 days and I'm already seeing a difference. I do think the diet is adding a little fat now so I'm going to adjust it and reduce the carbs/fat a bit.

The workout routines are really a big help. Thanks to everyone.

I will post results in 30 days or so.


Wow, you found the holy grail. Good luck.


Diet wise.... I read they took Casey to a "greasy spoon" a great deal to load him up on calories. The term "greasy spoon" is for the average AMERICAN DINER, a school friend told me, who was an exchange student from the U.S.A.
I agree with DIPS being a better chest lift than BENCH PRESSES, same as DEREK. I feel a better quality stress through my chest and also my triceps thrive off them.


When my brother and I used to train together, we used to eat tons of DInty Moore Beef Stew. It'd come in a little can, was over 600 cals, lotta prot, lotta complex carbs, and a good amount of fat. It was the utlimate bulking food -lol. It was also pretty damn cheap at the local costco (buy a pack of 4!).

I'l agree also, that Dips are probably one of the best chest exercises. I've never been able to do them due to a bum shoulder, and I've always viewed my weak lower chest as a result of that (try to do some dec. dbs when I can though, but still can't get the full stretch w/o some discomefort). Use 'em if you can!



Canned food is great. They have low fat low cal for the people who need to lose and higher cal for the people that need to gain. With a good mixture of pro, complex carbs like veggies and potatoes you cannot go wrong!

Have you tried the HS dip machine? I use this machine now as I can only do full ROM dip with my bw once but this machine puts soooooo much blood into my chest and triceps; it just feels amazing.


Ellington Darden's penultimate book-The new HIT? has a chapter on the Colorado experiment with the precise layout, but pretty much what Scott M said.

There is also a modified barbell version of the workout that Jones had Sergio Oliva do and one that got Anold to throw up.

Oliva rested 20 mins after the leg section of the workout, can't remember if Viator did the same-don't have the book to hand.


So how did the program go??? How much muscle did you slap on???


If you want to go to failure, at some point during the set you'll have to increase the speed. Start out slow, the speed it up when you know you're really start feeling the pain. Do this while trying to keep the negatives at a fairly slower cadence than the positives.

Here is a link to some good info about the Colorado Experiment: