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Who Has Bigger Guns?


Ok, hypothetical question.

You got two people, which has bigger guns, person A or B?

A) Does Presses and Rows and Pulldowns exclusively.

B) Does that plus curls (not in a squat rack) and tricep extensions.

Person A benches benches 50 more pounds than person B, and rows/pulls down 30 lbs more, but doesn't directly work his arms.

Who do y'all think would have a better exhibit at the gun show? A or B?

I think A


Unless they happen to be the same exact person, it's moot.


Neither. I think that a fella (or lady) who has a well rounded rountine, one that includes things like squats and deadlifts, and also some direct arm work probably would have the largest arms.

Someone that just does presses and rows probably aint all that big in anywhere.

I do not understand why people think that not training the arms is the way to make them big.

I wish there was a scientific way of proving that training the arms helps them to grow in size.

Do you train your calves? they are after all part of the chain that connects you to the floor in squats and deads, so why train them?


Actually aero stallion, you have changed my way of thinking!

I just realized something! My legs,glutes and my back have to contract to keep me from falling down when I am shoulder pressing or doing barbells rows. I can throw out squats and deadlifts!


there is no way to know the answer to that question.


I do not understand why people think that not training the arms is the way to make them big.

agreed. arm work may not be totally necessary for tris, but i rarely see good biceps on a guy who doesn't do ANY biceps work.


Geno, no matter how you train, your "guns" will remain small. Give up.. on life.


I think the one who has that gun from Rambo.


Who started this movement to avoid direct biceps training? Further, why is anyone following?


I have 18.5 inch arms and haven't included direct arm work in my routines. That said, my arms are solid, but lack shape, especially around the elbow joint. To rectify this, I am now including direct arm work to get the shape that I want.

You can get big arms without direct work, but it certainly isn't optimal. Unless sub-par results are your goal, or you only train for a specific sport, direct arm work is most likely a good idea.


The only thing i'm following is georges avatar, WHO the fuck is that?


lets create a jump to conclusions thread

This is just a hypothetical question to try and styr up some constructive and creative thought.

Maybe we can debunk a myth, challenge some people's thoughts and their dogma, or maybe let some people know that what they're doing might not be best for their goals.

lots of replies, but few have actually said that the dude who is weaker on major lifts and trains arms directly has bigger guns, why might that be?

Barney FiF: your rationale is highly flawed, unless of course your overhead presses are more like a jerk type movement. If you want to toss out squats and deadlifts because you tense your lower body up when you shoulder press, go for it!


I followed it for a while largely because I kept reading (and possibly misinterpreting in some cases) that it wasn't necessary. In other words, I let "experts" lead me away from using common sense.


It was sarcasm, I was hoping that you would discern that.


I would think you are the minority in that. I won't get into mentioning my measurements because I'm tired of that. I just know mine are bigger and they got that way because I trained them hard for years. They also get a lot of comments. I am sure the fact that I wear tank tops a hell of a lot helps with that, anywhoo, I have never understood the reasoning behind it.

Yes, beginners need to understand they need to train their entire body. No, they don't need to be told to avoid certain body parts to get them to do that. Any idiot who ONLY trains his chest and arms won't stick with this long anyway. I am of the opinion we need to get rid of the people in gyms taking up space anyway, not recruit more of these assholes.


you ARE training your arms while you are rowing and pressing, you are just not training them exclusively.


I think A if he has better genetics.

I think B if he has better genetics.


No shit, Sherlock, but no one even 5 years ago would have ever said that this was enough for full biceps development.


I do not get this "sarcasm" that you speak of.


I agree to a point. I don't think everyone can get 18 inches, but I think people can get fairly large arms without direct bicep work.

I got to around 17 inches with never doing any direct bicep work and only close grip press and board presses for triceps. Once I added more direct arm work, I gained 1/2 inch in about a month.

But, I see no reason not to train your arms directly, especially if you train with your physique in mind. I didn't for a long time. Latley my mindset has shifted more and more towards bodybuilding (though I don't like to call it that). Just do some arm work if you want big arms. You will eventually reach a point where they won't grow from indirect work.