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Who has a Group of Lifters in Mid-MI

Who might want to take in a new guy. I am looking for new people to lift with simply because I really have none. I am getting into equip PL and I just really want/need a group of guys to lift with, I dont care if they are anywhere in experience.

Shit, if anyone wants to start a PL group up in MI just message me or something. I tried getting back with some guys that got me into the sport, but theyre now too elite for me and “im still a beginner”. Is gettin to be kinda shitty…

im in mid michigan, i would say that im an intermediate raw lifter, but id like a group of like minded individuals to train with. what town are you in?

I am not from Michigan, but if you have not checked it out the powerlifting gym finder on PLWatch could be helpful:

Good luck finding a good place to train!

Go take up with Kroc.

i’m in west michigan, right outside of grand rapids. How far are you guys from there?

[quote]Rape Weight wrote:
Go take up with Kroc.[/quote]

HAHA if these so call “elite total” chasers that I used to work with are too good for me, then even k-dog, matts lil bro dont want me. Its funny, I am not really in need of a total technique transformation, i just want some help in gear, you cant put a bench shirt on by yourself ( i dont think) and unless your power275 from youtube, you usually dont lift in a shirt by yourself. I have a hardcore gym, but all the lifters are mostly raw, and their schedules dont match with mine.

[quote]Zen Taco wrote:
i’m in west michigan, right outside of grand rapids. How far are you guys from there?[/quote]

midland is like over an hour and a half from there bro

ah, i didn’t realize you were actually in midland. just saw mid-mi