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Who Grunts While Squatting?


Anytime I get more than 365 on the bar, I can't help but let out a grunt on the last couple reps. Nothing in the spirit of being obnoxious, but instead the grunts come as a side effect of mustering every ounce of strength in my body while battling the iron.

I can squat 405 for reps, and the general consensus from the regulars at my gym is that anyone who moves that much weight can make as much noise as they damn please. What's it like at your gym? Certainly there must be others who let out a squat grunt that would put the fear of God into anyone from the New Years Resolution Army!

Side Rant:
Every time I squat heavy, I typically notice a handful of people looking at me with the "What the hell is wrong with this fella" look on their judging faces. Coupled with the knee wraps, I'm convinced every person at my gym who has never taken the time to have a conversation with me thinks I'm a grade-A freak show. Can't wait to see how they react once I finally hit five plates for reps :slightly_smiling:


I think it's safe to say that most people who are really pushing themselves will make some noise, especially on an exercise like squats. I know I do, and all of the other serious guys (and even girls) at my gym do as well.


Ya my max is only 182.5lbs (tested last night) but I grunt when I come out of the hole.

Not too many people I've ever seen in a gym care about grunting. It happens if your pushing yourself like Sentoguy said. It's the douchebags who grunt when tying their shoes and picking the wedgie out of their ass that people have problems with.

And in my opinion anything less then 180 on the bar is no grunting.

(some of that isn't 100% true)


Your side rant is that people at the gym stare at you because you lift so much freaking weight?? Dude, you must be bad ass.


I don't grunt but sometimes when I tighten my gut air gets pushed out between my lips and it makes a funny sound.


i made the mistake of working out at my GF gym the other day, it's a fitness center actually, it smells nice.

i was doing (everybody criticize) Smith machine squats w/ four plates per side, i actually make a noise like GGUUU, GGUU, type of thing. i didn't mean to but a girl walked right in front of me mid rep, just as she passed i accidentally spit in her hair. it was a mistake and she didn't notice. GUU and a glob of spit flew from my mouth and into her hair.

lesson- don't walk in front of someone mid rep, walk behind, around, or just fucking be courteous and wait!!!!


This is the way it works.

If your a big/strong enough guy that no one can say shit to you, you can do as you like in the gym.

There are guys bigger and stronger than me at my gym, but there isnt any that could fight me without getting hurt pretty bad.

When 240+ guys fight someones going to get something broken everytime.

So you dont have to be the biggest, just big enough.




I breathe really loud, I do grunt usually on the last reps near the end of the set but I really suck the air in and blow it out, hard. As a result I spit alot.

I train at home now, but when I was training at the gym, the squat rack was right in front of a mirror so usually when I was done, there was spit all over it lol.


well, I grunt a little bit on the last couple of reps of a heavy set. People at my gym are a bit soft though, they get freaked out enough by the faces i pull hahaha, and the fact that I am squatting... Low.... with a bit of weight.


Can I post a side rant that i'm the ONLY person at my gym who squats low with anything more than 135pds!? I mean seriously, quarter squats are in at my gym, everybody's doing them!...guess i'm a loser.


I was told by a fellow gym member on Monday that squatting is scary and dangerous. I ceased my set immediately as I don't want to injure myself.


i grunt when i do anything.

when i sharpen pencils

when i roll dice

when i piss

when i sleep


Cool avatar. I hear the KFC gut version is about 5 times that size.

There's nothing wrong with grunting. There is something wrong with being an ass and yelling at the top of your lungs just so everyone notices you more.

There are places you can yell (like a powerlifting or hardcore gym where everyone is very serious and cheering each other on), but the average public gym today isn't the place for it.

Also, if you are pressing a very average weight yet screaming out loud, you look like a douche. If you are going to be making that much noise, at least have the decency to be pressing some serious weight.


Can't help but to grunt a bit on the heavier sets.

One of the trainers at my gym not only grunts during his squat sets (all of them I think), but he also paces around for two or three minutes between sets grunting like a caveman.

It is really funny (in a distracting, annoying sort of way).


I breathe quite loud while squatting, but for some weird reason I grunt more when doing GHRs, probably cause they are a tough exercise for me right now.


lots of people do that. must be a guy thing


Yes I grunt, but is not only when squatting. I have a tendency to grunt, in a low tone, on all of my last reps if I am Taxed out. I agree that yelling makes you look like an ASS.

Also, I feel you hardgnr, when I am done I usually have to clean off some spittle from the machine, mirror, training partner, etc....


You're not serious... Are you?


Im hoping that he meant to say 182.5kgs(402lbs) which would make sense...

For me, I only grunt on max efforts really. There is one guy at my gym who grunts on every rep. Dude can be doing sets of 12 with 50lbs for db inclines and grunt every single rep, kind of irritating.