Who Grows a Fruit/Veg Garden?

Love this thread. This is something I started doing recently, inspired by my girlfriend who has been an avid gardener her whole life.

This year, we’re growing tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and a variety of herbs like mint, basil, and chives.

It’s a cool experience to harvest it and include it in our normal, healthy eating.

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also look into the Greenstalk vertical gardens - 30+ growing wells takes up about 2 feet wide x 6’ tall only.

Look at that big sucker! Guess who is having onion rings tomorrow?


I’ve sprayed my apple and pear trees multiple times now as the gypsy moths have been terrible . . anybody else been having issues with them?

I haven’t had moths I have had the caterpillars! They devasted my garden greens.

you’re right, it’s not gypsy moths . . it’s the tent caterpillars

Oh no! Those things can strip a tree overnight it seems.
Have you tried Dipel dust?

I have not but will look into it . . I’ve been using a mixture I found in a holistic fruit tree book I have . . neem oil is one of the ingredients

Dipel is a biologic not an insecticide. It only works on caterpillars. It’s a bacteria that them sick without using an insecticide. Hope that helps.

I’ll look into it . . I appreciate it!

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