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Who Grows a Fruit/Veg Garden?

Depths of winter in Oz, have some raised vege beds. Currently growing (with minimal time and effort of late): Garlic, Spinach, Brocolli (most went to cabbage moths), a stack of rocket (spread the seeds from a few plants I let go to see last season). Strawberry’s, asparagus too.

Have 2 x IBC’s set aside for wicking beds - hoping to sort these by spring in a month or so’s time.

Have a row of stone fruit trees too (cherry, nectarine, peach, apricot, two plums (shared hole - companion plants), and a pineapple guava.

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So those little apple sized ones from a few posts back. For scale, that’s a regular 9 ½ shoe. Not sure of bf%.

They’re doing pretty good. One even has a little sidekick.

The big one is even starting to get some color:

I couldn’t get my foot next to it for scale because of other vines and stuff.

Just noticed on the pic that this one has a little sidekick forming at the next node too.

My understanding of it thus far is that those bigger ones are early bloomers.

We’ll see in the coming months.

I also jolted them with a liquid fertilizer through a hose-end sprayer and a granular fertilizer for the longer term on Tuesday this past week.


I am amazed at how large your hands are - fingers as long as your foot. hehe

Curious if fertilizer would grow those monster pumpkins you see on the webz.

Our plants, trees, and vegetables did poorly this year. But grass needs mowing every 3 days.


I think those really giant ones are a special strain, because I hit these with a moderate spray and there was definitely some wilting. Didn’t straight up burn the leaves, but they wilted big time for a couple days. I know that potassium is a big factor for their growth because each serving of pumpkin puree has about 880 mg. of it.

All of my neighbors tomatoes & stuff are going like gangbusters.

Those ones above have actually gotten visibly bigger in the last 2 days, and there are more new ones forming by the day.

I’m going to treat the yard and redo a couple of things next year. They got stunted by bugs at least a little, and I’ll do some research into soil conditions and fertilization.

I got a soil testing kit several years back. It tests ph, N, P, K iirc.

It helped me dial in yard (too well!), and also tested each planter box.
They seemed middle of range, suitable but not optimized for specific plants.

I am strictly a rookie gardener.

Me too. This was totally on a whim!

I can dig holes. That doesn’t give me a green thumb. Just dirty hands. :rofl:

Current status of garden below. All the plants except for the Chaya were planted late July. Fertilized all plants today with Garden-Tone
Chaya was planted from a single cutting end of May


No flowers yet

Serrano Peppers

No flowers yet here either.

Seminole Pumpkin

Hasn’t taken over yet but I can see it’s on its way. I might try and train it up my oak tree nearby (traditionally the Seminole people used to grow these on trees here).

Chaya (Tree Spinach)


Are your peppers getting full sun at least six hours a day?

I think so. They face east and get a lot of the morning sun before they get shaded out in the afternoon.

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Anything that blooms and makes a fruit needs direct sunlight. Things you just eat the leaves can be in partial shade. If they don’t start blooming you may need to move them.

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Harvest is done with a 5 gallon bucket at the moment.

Canned so far: tomatoes, zicchini relish, hot pepper jelly, salsa verde, salsa, cherry tomatoes, radish with carrots and ginger, ground cherry jam.

Frozen: zucchini for bread, mix veggies for sauté.

Missing green tomatoes chutney, apple sauce, cowboy candy, more stuff with tomatoes.



Wow! You had a good harvest!

Wow, that all looks so good!

How much more season do you have up there?
And are you already planting for fall?

For reference, we are still in mid 90s here.
But heat index is still 110-115. So there’s always that…


It is abnormally hot at the moment. Yes fall planting is on the go.

First frost is in late october, early november.

The green house may give me roots untill chrismas.

Pumpkin patch is getting some nice orange ones!

The leaves sustained a bit of damage from a few ridiculous storms we’ve gotten lately, but nothing serious I guess.

And the Pinto beans-

They really produced in the past couple weeks. We might do like a real thing with those next year because they’re really sweet and tasty right off the vine.


My peppers have flowered this week. Seems that some garden tone fertilizer did the trick.

Getting ready to plant bush beans, mustard, and lettuce next month.


I love green pintos. I didn’t plant any this year.

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OK, ground cherries, what do you with those other then jam. I have like 4 liters at the moment and much more coming.

I have never grown ground cherries. I have grown tomatillos for salsa verde but that’s all I got.