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Who Grows a Fruit/Veg Garden?

Brutal … all I really deal with are rabbits and the occasional hookworm (one guy took out an entire tomato plant last year) so I count my blessings

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Was mowing my parents’ yard. Pitched a climbing cone out of the way, it bounced into planter box and knocked 1 of the only 2 eggplants (about 4" long) off the vine.

Moved the cone and ain’t gonna say a word to nobody.

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First Chaya from the cutting I planted coming in.
Should grow up into a nice bushy plant.

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Proteins and vegetables production hard at work!
We have added some dusl purpose chickens, rooster in the future. Some blueberries and pear trees.


Pumpkin patch part 1:

This is my test patch to see how much handling they can take. They seem very delicate.

The other part is simply where we left them last fall, and the germination rate from doing that has been ridiculous.

I watered the bajeezus out of them to get the roots thoroughly soaked, and tomorrow should tell the tale on whether or not they take.


Wow, you guys are really doing great, eating fresh veggies direct from farm has separate fun.

Will tell my grand ma to supply me some fresh greens from the garden.

So my transplants got shocked badly then really clobbered by a little heat wave.

But are on the mend with some new growth and a few new sprouts.

The original patch I took them from though-

They’re going bonkers! Can’t even keep track of the blooms, and there are more every day.

Apparently, pumpkins need a lot of space.

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I am going to grow Seminole pumpkin this fall. Planning on a 4x8 foot area for them, but looking now like that might not be enough.


There might be some specifics to that strain like spacing and soil, along with them being a native species to your region.

This is all just a big experiment for me. I think the kiddo got the idea (pretty sure, actually) from the farm behind us.

That was their pumpkin patch last year, maybe year before? I dunno.

That plot is about 10 acres, and the size/space is deceptively large.

The natural germination rate was entirely unexpectedly high.


You can try using your porch as a metal trellis. Go vertical and be the cool kid on the block, growing pumpkins in the air.

PS, don’t bother - just eat more meat…


You can’t make pumpkin protein shakes with salmon.

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These lonely little guys are going in to a salad tonight.

And more pumpkin blooms. :jack_o_lantern:


Copied from the other thread to keep on topic

have a smallish covered bin that gets tons of worms (this is my finished bin this year)

Also have a cedar slat open bin (currently active) … will probably need a third bin at some point but I need to clear a tree first

How much garden space do you have?

I only have about 1/8 acre total plot and less than half of that in my back yard. Looking at raised beds and container gardening mostly as I know this won’t be my “forever” house

I’ve had great success in containers … some of my best cukes were in a 5 gallon bag with miracle grow potting mix

Good to know. I have a few 7 gallon grow bags I am going to start this fall with Okra and jicama.

I am also thinking about getting one of these:

36 containers in one sleek system.

Great thing about living in Florida is I can grow stuff all year.

If you plan to grow okra plant it now. It is a hot weather plant.

Seeds are on their way. Ordered them yesterday.
University of Florida extension said they can be planted through August and still produce here thankfully.

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What kind did you order? Okra seeds here are readily available at Walmart or the grocery store.

Some organic red burgundy. Threw them in with some other seeds from a local Florida seed company.

I am trying to support more small business when I can lately. Walmart still gets my grocery budget a lot of weeks since everywhere else is Florida is very high on grocery.

I understand. I have tried the burgundy and purple and always go back to the dwarf clemson spineless.

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