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Who Else Wants SSM?


Well, who'd a thunk that religious freedom would be attacked in all of this?



If it was a government funded institution, I could understand, but as a private business they should be able to do whatever they want.

I also read that 2 county clerks in New York resigned in protest of the gay marriage law. That's their right too.


I'm impressed that a pro-homosexual political activist passed up the opportunity to compare this to forcing someone to go to a separate school or to sit at the back of a school bus. Although the "The fact that it's occurring in a new context shouldn't affect the way we think about it." line is right on par. Don't think and just blindly apply the law good or bad, roger.


The fact is that when wrong becomes right, right must eventually become wrong, as the two cannot coexist on one side.In short we are entering the realm of the topsy turvy. You can expect more of this very dangerous behavior from government. This will also lead to the eventual censoring of Pastor's and Preists for speaking out against homosexuality, with even far more dangerous implications after that.