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Who Else Misses the Atomic Dog?


Who else misses it? I for one do and was curious to see if my sentiment was shared.

I was half expecting to see one for any of the holidays since Thanksgiving but I was disappointed to not see anything. I understand TC stopped writing them every Friday a while back and only would do them for select occasions but I haven't seen any in a long time. Was there a reason it has gone completely by the wayside that I missed?

Also, cheers to everyone this New Year!


TC mentioned in another thread that he has something lined up, just needs to refine it.


Far and away my favourite part of the website,hope to see them emerge again.


X 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Bring back the Atomic Dog, TC!

That was the main thing that got me hooked on this site way back in the day.


I think He may be working on a book or something.

Maybe ya'll should buy it!


Bought the last one, "Atomic Dog -- The Testosterone Principles"

Would definitely buy another...

Atomic Dog was what kept me coming back to T-Nation in the dark days... absolutely looking for a phoenix resurgence of TC's random thoughts!


Yup. Those were the days. Atomic Dog every Friday.


I miss the Atomic Dog, and I miss the interaction TC used to have with the member base here...


I miss it too, so many amazing articles


Thanks much, everybody. It's deeply appreciated.

I'll be at least trying to write some new articles that have "elements" of Atomic-Doggedness in the future.

Thanks again.


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there's many things we don't miss and the Atomic Dog isn't one of em...


And your hams.


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Cause he promised a holiday ham and I like tasty meat treats!


Atomic Dog was the reason I started visiting T-Nation.

We need more TC!


Shit, Atomic Dog was the only "real" author on here. Willing to tell it as it is, from the gutter of the mind of real Man. Love all the other articles and authors, but TC really has a way of communicating that I just really jive with. Keeps my eyes glued and my manhood very happy and aggressive in an asshole, yet genius sort of way.


Hah! I started re-reading the book the other day for this exact reason!

Count me in for wanting more Atomic Dog articles.


They were interesting articles.


Thanks again, guys.

I guess this is my opportunity to announce that my second book was just released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble: The Testosterone Principles 2 -- Manhood and Other Stuff.

The National campaign doesn't kick off until April, but it's available now.