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Who Else Misses GTA San Andreas?


I have so I starting playing it again, yeah its for the xbox but it will play on xbox360
I pray the next GTA returns to San Andreas


GTA III, Vice City, and San Adnreas were all better than GTA IV. For some unknown reason GTA IV wasn't fun. I never finished it. After forcing myself to get to the third island.. did a few missions and said.. why am i doing this? It's not fun. I don't know what was missing.

I will say that I liked the mob storylines better in III and Vice City than the boyz in the hood story line in San Andreas. But once you get out of the hood it starts getting better. Buy the end of the game.. its more like 007 than gang banger.


That game came out fall of my sr year of college. I'd finished up all my actual degree course work and just had BS humanities classes and what not for 2 semesters, so I played the absolute shit out of this game.

Did anyone else sit around with your buddies and take turns raising hell? Our rules were you could use the health/armor code once, then when you died, it was someone else's turn. The exception was if you were about to do something insane, in which case you could re-enter the health code.


Dude, are you dressed as Mickey holding your daughter dressed like Minnie? That is ridiculously cute! : )

Edit - upon closer inspection I'm not sure what you are dressed as, but it kinda matches.


..Supply Lines..

I was never so happy as when I completed that mission.


I still play it quite a bit. The other night I was watching "Friday" and thinking about how similar the neighborhood is to Ganton, then I noticed that DJ Pooh was an assistant producer for both the movie and the game. Interesting.


I didn't even get that far, I agree it just wasn't enjoyable and I really have no clue why.


I never felt like GTA IV was a true sandbox - it wasn't as fun because it was too realistic. I liked the arcade-like quality of the driving in the previous GTA games. San Andreas had stuff like the jetpack and the planes which really gave you the freedom of environment that you didn't seem to have in IV, even though you had helicopters. The city still seems a little closed off.

It seems like Rockstar were a little too concerned with making the environment realistic and not concerned enough with making the environment fun to play around in. They also significantly pared back the vehicles and weapons with that in mind, which I thought was an ok idea (I thought at times that San Andreas had too much choice), but there weren't as many fun little bits to just lose yourself in for a while (like the BMXs, car customisation, etc.).

I miss it. Hopefully the next GTA instalment will bring back some of that stuff. Something along the lines of the difference between GTA 3 and Vice City, and further along, San Andreas, would work perfectly with the model they've established in GTA IV.


I loved GTA IV, and the two expansions. I loved SA as well, but I can understand why folks felt IV was too grounded. It's like SA was a Michael Bay movie and GTA IV was a Michael Mann movie.

But to me the Euphoria physics and the Natural Motion in IV was far superior to the more cartoony, arcadey feel of III, VC and SA.

For those of you that liked SA much better, you should check out Saints Row 2 - similar, but very over the top like SA. Also only 20 bucks new now - it's about a year or 2 old....


I know why...and I said as much when I was returning it to the Gamestop for credit. They created an unrelateable foreign character who couldn't do anything special. He didn't look cool. He didn't have any special abilities. All he had was a foreign accent and foreign friends in NON-foreign environments (read as uninteresting) with random bullshit going on.

I mean, shit, at least drop some cheat codes so we can turn a sky scraper into a space shuttle and fly the fuck out of New York.


Haha, my wife made me a "nerd" costume, with glasses and fake buck teeth, but that doesn't really come across in the small av thumbnail.

Anyways, I felt the same way about IV. All the new AI and physics was really cool (actually wrote a paper about the engines for a grad class), but WHERE IS MY FUCKING JET PACK!!!! That was like the biggest step back ever. Plus I could give a shit less about Niko. I played until I unlocked the 3rd island, then I just stopped and started doing random shit.

Free roam or whatever in online mode is fun if you get like-minded individuals playing with you. I once killed a chopper with a car. That made my day.


If you could fly a space shuttle in San Andreas I literally would never have put the game down. So it's probably for the best that they don't put it in future games either!


What SA had over GTA:IV was total immersion. You WERE CJ and he was you. You started out a novice at everything; driving, riding bikes, and were a scrawny as all get out with absolutely no money. By the end of the game my CJ was jacked as hell, had a bitch in every state, could fly any type of plane, was maxed out in his motorcycle abilities. Had an insane amount of money, and I STILL had a triathlon and a mountain bike race left to accomplish.

The game was more about how much can you make your character evolve and the things you could accomplish with him. I could never win that damned triathlon because my CJ was too jacked and would gas out on the running portion. How fucking detailed is that? The game made all things possible and had a literal mountain of things to do.

I do miss that game.


SA was actually my leasts favorite :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuuuck Youuuuuuuuu!!!!!


Well I dont now that I played Red Dead Redemption.


San Andreas was fun, but I really didn't like playing as some low-life hoodrat. Vice City was so much better, where you could play as a low-life dago. Ray Liotta FTW


Vice City was the most interesting so far.
When I finished school, I prepared for the final exams by learning 20 min and playing it for 2 hours.

I agree that it s fun to develop an own character but I hated the whole theme of San Andreas.
As a side note, The first thing I did in the game was run to the gym as often as possible and get jacked.
The problem of the new gta is that it is mostly not funny. Of course there are some hilarious moments, but the theme is depressing and shows a hopeless and evil society, not as a satire like San Andreas, where you had to chase a priest who tried to escape with a bitch in his car.


I'm replaying San Andreas right now and it's still awesome. I liked GTA IV for what it was, but San Andreas just has something... special about it. The graphics are showing their age, but they add a kind of 'comic book' feel to the game that just fits perfectly. And yeah, the stunning variety of things you can do as the game unfolds is still unmatched in the series.

I hope Rockstar revisits San Andreas at some point in a future GTA; that would be fucking amazing if they did it right.


A better Rockstar game from the PS2 era.