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Who Else Measures their Scooped Supplements?


I'm not sure when I started doing this, but I've definitely noticed that it's easy to get slightly screwed going by the suggested serving of "one scoop" with different supplements/proteins

For Example, right now, I've rotated proteins to IDS Multi-Whey (as an aside, it comes in a kick-ass paint-bucket style container that's great to put bags of True Protein into). The serving size is 34 grams, but 1 scoop is about 25 grams.

Same with Surge. Serving size for the Raspberry is two scoops (98 grams), but when I weigh out two scoops, it's around 112 grams (not heaping scoops, but leveled off).

TP scoops are kind off by a few grams as well.

When something says 1 tbsp/1 tsp (peanut butter, metamucil, creatine, fish oil, etc), it's always off by a few grams too.

In fact, the only scoop that I've found that's proven to be accurate without weighing is the Myogenix Pro-Fiber/Enzyme scoop.

I know a few grams here and there doesn't seem like a lot, but over time, this can be a negative impact on your wallet (using too much per serving) or your physique (too little nutrients per serving when you are trying to be exact with your diet).

Anyone else notice this? Am I being too anal with my powders?






I only measure when I'm competing, after a while I get a good understanding of what a scoop should look like so to speak.


if you don't make a significant amount of money from how you look. find a better use of your time

In fact i could answer a lot of threads with that comment.


My food scale stays out on the counter. It takes no extra time to put my shaker full of water on it and measure out my powders. It's actually easier IMO because I don't worry about if I fill the scoop or not, I just add powder until I get the amount I want.

All these people saying it's not worth the time, and they've never even tried it to realize it doesn't take a significant amount of extra time.


^ Agreed, people who think it's dumb to weigh powder probably don't even have a scale to begin with.


OOHHH U fancyyy huh??


The OP's profile says he 6' tall, 223 lbs @ 23%BF... I dont really think his protein shakes being a gram or two off is going to be that big of a deal?


No one said it was a big deal :confused:


Sick fucks...



Regardless, my kitchen scale stays out on my counter as well and it's ridiculously easy to weigh everything out. Measuring scoop weights are just one of the things I've noticed to be off.


This might be a dumb question, but are you taking into account the weight of the scoop itself? If a servings says 98g that may be 98g of powder, not counting the plastic scoop.


I'm not saying it's a dumb question, but I don't know about that. I'm sure they'd put something on the label about it.

Also, whole foods (milk , cottage cheese, spinach, tuna, etc.) all have gram weight servings on them. Next time I make a shake, for science, I will do a scoop of protein and weigh it in the scooper and let you know.


Every gram of protein has 4 calories. An extra 3 grams per scoop for 4 scoops a day would be 12g extra protein and 58 calories. Thats an extra 406 calories a week.

......I dont know what those numbers mean but I had a calculator in front of me on my phone from the pocket of by jeans I went and got from my bedroom to do this.

Anyone want to lend a hand? Feeling kinda over whelmed by my cutting phase I'm starting.



didnt mean it as a burn man. Wasnt putting your down or anything. At your BF level I dont think its that important to measure out. It would be important if you were in contest prep or something ya know?


Gotcha. Lurking these forums, I tend to see a lot of sarcasm and whatnot (hell, it's the damn internet as a whole that's like that), so I tend to take things more negatively than they probably are.

It would totally be important for contest prep, but I also am on a pretty strict budget right now, and just want to make sure I'm not using extra powders (I know, I know, a few grams here and there aren't an issue) by using a scoop that isn't the right size. It's penny-pinching OCD thing.


yeah thats totally understandable. No worries man :slight_smile:


Exactly, and you're trying to burn 3,500 calories a week that 406 has potential to throw a hammer in there. That's nearly 1/7 of the calories you need to burn each week, and around 30-40 minutes of cardio!


See, this is where you shouldn't jump to conclusions - I own a Salter top of the line nutrition scale, and I weigh out food all the time.

Unless you're a week out from a contest, I wouldn't waste my time weighing my scoop of protein powder.

Now, unlike you guys, I won't make any backhanded insults about your choice to be so anal as to feel the need to weigh protein powder. If that's what you feel you need to do, why would I insult you for it?

A lesson perhaps a lot of people around here should learn. : )