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Who Else is Pissed Off?


I gotta be in the office today to go to some dumb meeting and I'm pissed!!!


You should be grateful you have a job. Un-thankful self-absorbed prick!


Me too, but luckily I get out at 3:30.

But you make more than twice what I make, so quit your bitching.


Are you trying to turn this into a cock sucking contest?


You got that right. I'm pissed at how lazy I am!


Me too. I'll likely ditch out at 3 or 3:30 if my manager is already gone.


I'm pissed the dumb-asses that created this template i gotta put budget info. in thought it was wise to put it in a Word document and embed an excel spreadsheet !


Not pissed, just mildly impatient. I wouldn't mind leaving early today so I can get to the range earlier and then go see Extract.


You got a lot of 9/15's due?


Wow.. I lost my second job in the last six months yesterday....DICK


Not my fault you're incompetent...


I'm an auditor with mostly private clients. Luckily, I don't have many hard deadlines outside of February and March.


Lol, I feel bad, but yeah, lol.


IVe been working 12 hour days seven days a week since memorial day no llarres mariposita.


IVe been working 12 hour days seven days a week since memorial day no llarres mariposita.


I wouldn't mind getting out early to start the weekend long booze fest a little early. Yea I wish, When I get home from work tonight I have to tear up my kitchen floor and lay a new one down "SHIT". Then tomorrow I have my daugther over, so no boozing then, though I'm sure we will have some fun, probably let her run around outside with the dogs all day so they all sleep at night LOL.

Sunday though, Thats the day, my daughter cheers for pop warner and has a game at 10:00, so i'll get to watch my first live football game in the morning, then over to my parents house for beer game summer olympics.

All my friends and siblings friends come over and draft teams and compete in various events such as Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Washers, Badmitten, Polish Golf, Horseshoes, and probably some other dumb games we make up on the fly. We always do a winter and summer beer games olympics. Winter we do all the bar games, Pool, darts, shuffleboard, fuseball, etc...

Then monday is my wifes birthday so we are either going boating with her parents or doing a BBQ or something. I'm sure the weekend will fly as all nice ones do. :frowning:



Yeah, but it is your fault for being Welsh.



Sorry...fixed it....Welsh-aphobe.


im 15 and work part time at burger king can i complain?? lol